F-one is the "creator" of the new generation of Delta-Shape kites. The Frenchman Raphael Salles is an old windsurfer who started his own brand F-one windsurfing in 1994. After 2 years he is already on a kiteboard and let one of the first kites lead him over the water. In 1997 he started making the first F-one kiteboards. In 2002, the first F-one tube kites also hit the market. The kite and kiteboard line is expanding and the number of kite surfing stores and distributors is increasing.

In 2008 the first Bandit kite from F-one appears. This is a new type of kite that bears the name "Delta-Shape" because of its shape. This new Delta-Shape Bandit kite from F-one is relatively round in shape, which makes the kite extremely stable and waterstarts very easily. This contributes to making the kite surfing sport safer and more accessible.

The new Bandit 2018 from F-one has only just arrived in the kite shops. The leading edge is less thick and the weight of the kite has been brought down. This has made the kite faster and more direct in its steering behavior. The Kite is now also great for the most experienced kiteboarders. Every kite surfer looking for a great all-round kite with performance has come to the right place with F-one with the Bandit 6. The accompanying F-one Monolith bar is produced in 1 piece, making the bar very light and exceptionally strong.

The F-one kiteboard range has been thoroughly refurbished in recent years. The F-one Trax is the most advanced freestyle and freeride kiteboard in the kiteboard range. This board is followed by the F-one TX which is more accessible through a lower price and optimum control. For the freestyle kiteboarder there is the Acid. The F-one Acid gives maximum pop and sails loose on the water to handle any trick from the experienced freestyle kiteboarder.

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