Windfoil boards

Windfoil boards


Foiling is a new discipline on the windsurf market, from now on you will no longer experience bumpy rides but a smooth ride through the water because of the foil fin wich lifts you up and out of the water. The boards have become less long but instead wider wich means that the stability has been increased.

Who can ride the foil?

Foilboards are both for the beginner and the more experienced riderHydrofoils are the hype at the moment and are taken very seriously by ride the foils?major brands such as Starboard, Fanatic, RRD, Tabou and Naish.

Wich weather type do you need for foiling?

From now on, if the wind is less, you do not have to take a larger sail, but instead you can exchange your standard fin for a hydrofoil so you can go out and blast over the water.

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