Windfoil sails

Windsurf foil sails

The windsurf foil sails are specially designed for the discipline of foiling, the sails are made of light materials which makes lifting up out of the water easier and faster.

Wich sail do you need for foiling?

You do not have to have large sails for hydrofoiling because the lift of the board allows you to fly over the water with a 5.6 m2 sail in low wind!

Wich brands do something in the Foil disciplin?

Major brands such as Naish, Starboard, Fanatic, Tabou, RRD, Severne, Duotone and NeilPryde take the discipline of foiling very seriously and invest a lot of money to improve the foil sails and foil boards. Foiling is the future of water sports!

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