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Are you planning to start kite foiling? Then Telstar Surf is the right place for kite foil advice and material. An extensive range combined with knowledge means that we are able to provide professional advice. Curious about what Telstar can do for you? Then visit our store or contact us!

What does a kite foil consist of?

A kitefoil consists of three different parts, the mast, fuselage and wings. Below is a brief summary of each part.

Kitefoil mast

The kitesurf hydrofoil mast is an essential part for kite foiling. The mast connects your kitefoilboard to the fuselage and wings. A big problem that most kiters run into is the length, because which one is right for you?

As a rule of thumb you can say that a shorter mast of around 60cm is ideal for learning kitesurf foiling. An average length of 75cm is all-round and versatile. If you want to kite race foil, a longer mast of 90cm is suitable. This is of course a rough estimate for the average kiter. For tailor-made advice, we recommend that you contact us or visit our kite shop.

Kitefoil fuselage

This is perhaps the most underrated part of the kite foil. The Fuselage connects the front wing and stabilizer at the bottom. The forces exerted on a foil fuselage are enormous. Carbon is therefore the most suitable material. As a rule, a longer fuselage is easier than a short one, because it makes it a more stable foil.

Kitefoil wings

Finally, we also have the wings. Literally translated as "wings". There are two foil wings on the fuselage, a front and back wing.

The front wing serves for the lift of your foil. In general, a larger foil provides more lift. But factors such as profile, material and thickness also influence this.

The backwing, also called stabilizer, determines the horizontal stability and course stability. When it is larger and longer, the stability will only increase more. If the backwing is a bit smaller and positioned more to the rear, the efficiency will improve.

Maintenance of your kitesurf foil

To prevent corrosion, it is very important that you coat all metal bolts and nuts with copper grease or a similar solution. Otherwise, there is a chance that you will never be able to loosen the screws and nuts. Salt water in particular can have major consequences. Do this regularly, this prevents a lot of hassle!

Advice for buying a kite foil

Because foiling is very technical, it is not at all strange if you are looking for advice for buying the right kite foil material. At Telstar Surf you have come to the right place for expert advice. Visit the store or contact us by e-mail or telephone!

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