Bodyboarding is easy to learn. After trying a few times you will certainly have made the first meters on a breaking wave. Bodyboarding gives a real kick in the waves. You feel the energy of the wave shoot through your bodyboard and you know how to convert it to speed over the water. When you can combine your first moves with this, you are sure to be addicted.

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Differences in the deck can give you an improved body position, so that you are able to stay on your board even during critical moments in the wave. With the more expensive bodyboards this is clearly given more attention.


Both width and length are of great influence. A smaller board is of course faster, but can only be used in specific waves. The height and speed of the wave partly determine which bodyboard size you must choose. Furthermore, your skills and body weight are of course also very important for which bodyboard you will buy.


This determines, among other things, your speed and maneuverability. The extent to which your bodyboard can change from edge to edge is also partly determined by your bottom shape.


The type of core also determines the response of your bodyboard. This is certainly important at critical moments such as speeding up the wave.


A stringer in your core ensures a longer lifespan of your bodyboard and increases stiffness.


The shape and width of the tail determine the maneuverability of your bodyboard.

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