Race & Tour SUP

Race & Tour SUP


These Stand Up Paddle boards are a mix of allrounder and race SUPs.  Generally touring SUPs have a considerable length (>11"/3.35m), which lends to a good glide. In combination with a limited width and a tapered nose, the glide is better still, where you can get good distance on flat water with ease. A touring SUP isn't optimal in waves. It doesn't mean that yoú can't use one in the ocean as the qualities of these SUPs are perfect for ultimate down-winders.


You can only win a race on these Stand Up Paddle Boards. A race SUP is long, narrow and super tight.  The glide of a race SUP is perfect and you can paddle perfectly on one side of the SUP for long periods, therefore time loss with crossing over the paddle isn't necessary. Race boards are especially popular in sizes 12.6" and 14.0". These are more or less a specific size class that is used in many competitions. The fastest class is the 14.0", but this isn't the greatest. Most competitions are held with a 12.6".

Aside from the varying lengths, you can also get a race SUP in various widths. A narrow race SUP is naturally faster than a broad SUP. Keep in mind that a disadvantage can be found in raw conditions or during long distance competitions.

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