SUP foil

SUP foil

SUP Accessories

New sports bring new developments and associated accessories. This naturally also applies to Stand Up Paddle. boardbags, leashes, backpacks, wetsuits, rail savers and so on.

Paddlebags and paddle cover

Your expensive carbon SUP paddle in a protective cover won't hurt. It protects your paddle in the car and storage space against all sorts of possible impacts.

SUP wetsuits

What kind of wetsuit do you wear when supping? This is different. During the gofl ride on your wavesup you go into the water a lot. You need a flexible wetsuit that is warm. Everything depends on the water temperature.

A lot of body heat is released during supplying. When racing super soft it is nice if the heat can be removed, which is not possible with a thick wetsuit. It is advisable to wear a thin surf suit. The Longjohn from Prolimit is ideal for SUP. You just don't have to fall into the cold water too often. So it is a bit of consideration what you attract. On this page you will find our range of super clothing.

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