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Adjusting harnesslines

Adjusting harnesslines

Many windsurfers wonder where they should place the trapeze lines and how long they should be. The first question has a lot to do with the pressure point of the sail. The middle of the trapeze lines should be in line with this pressure point. This is in fact the central power point of the sail. Generally this is the middle point between your hands when you hold the boom. Then you adjust the distance that you want to have between the lines. Despite the fact that it differs from person to person, a distance of 25-30cm is standard.

The distance of the lines is more difficult to determine. Partly body length plays a role but further it’s very personal. These days you’ve got to use the trapeze lines shorter, especially on more modern windsurfboards. With long trapeze lines you have the risk that you get a lot of spin-outs. After you put the lines on the boom you should simply go and test. When there is excessive pressure on your hands you need to slide the line in the direction of your hands.


How long is your harnessline required?