Kitesurfing safety

Kitesurfing is a high adrenaline sport. The fact is, is that it’s not completely without risk. The risks of kitesurfing can of course be limited, and that is especially in your control. With a number of simple guidelines, it’s not only safer for yourself but above all for the other kitesurfers on the water.


  • Take lessons. Without lessons you’re asking for problems. Kitesurfing lessons are a good investment. During a kitesurfing lesson you learn everything about the safety systems of the bar and other important points.

  • Look for room! Stay away from other kitesurfers. Of course it’s great to show your moves and to fly closely past another surfer but try to foresee what the outcome is when something goes wrong.

  • Wear an impact vest. An impact vest when kitesurfing has two advantages: 1) floating ability: anything can happen while kitesurfing where you will have the need to be able to float. 2) Regularly when kitesurfing you end up hitting the water hard, and won’t be the first to end up with bruised or broken ribs. An impact vest can overcome these sorts of problems.

  • Not cool but sensible; where a kitehelmet. Getting hit in the head by your kiteboard can have terrible consequences. Also there are a reasonable amount of kitesurfers that have ended up with a burst eardrum.

  • Before you go kitesurfing have a good look at the weather and during surfing keep a good eye on it.

  • Stay in the region of other kitesurfers as in an emergency they can help you. Other surfers are also handy when you lose your board.

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