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Crossover boards

Crossover wakeboards

Are you not sure yet whether you want to board behind the cable or rather the boat? With a crossover wakeboard you don't have to choose and you can wakeboard wherever you want! The construction of the crossover wakeboards makes it possible to quickly and easily switch between the ways of boarding. That way, nothing will stop you and you can go on the water anywhere!

The shape of a Crossover wakeboards

As you might have expected, each wakeboard is constructed differently and each wakeboard has a different construction method or shape. This makes every wakeboard unique! What can I pay attention to when buying or purchasing a wakeboard? Below is explained where a crossover wakeboard got its shape, shape and character.

Fins of a wakeboard

When you go boarding with a Crossover wakeboard you want to be able to switch quickly. This means that you want to be able to board with or without fins. For example, all Crossover boards are built with removable fins. Thanks to the M-6 inserts you can quickly and easily change the fins.

The Rocker

When you look at a wakeboard you can use four different types of rocker shapes. The most commonly used shape for crossover wakeboards is the Hybrid Rocker.

  • The Hybrid Rocker is a mix of the Continuous and 3-stage Rocker. This gives you a smooth curve in the middle and a more cut-out tip and tail. This shape is used both behind the boat and in the cable park.


The Crossover wakeboard generally has a wooden core. This ensures that the plank has a soft flex. This way the novice wakeboarders are helped on their way faster and you go more smoothly over the water. The crossover can be built with different materials, making this wakeboard suitable for every price range.

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