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Are you looking for a wetsuit? Then you're in the right place! Telstar Surf has a huge selection of wetsuits, suitable for everyone. From windsurfers, kitesurfers, wave surfers to wakeboarders. Check out our men's wetsuits, women's wetsuits or kids wetsuits!

Are you not sure what the purpose of a wetsuit is or what you need to pay attention to when buying a wetsuit? Then read the text below for more information!

What is the purpose of a wetsuit?

You use a wetsuit primarily to keep your body warm. When you go out on the water for a longer period of time during cold temperatures, you will notice that you need a warm surfing suit against the cold water and the cold wind. A wetsuit keeps your body warm by holding a thin layer of water between your skin and the neoprene. This thin layer of water is then warmed, as it were, by the heat given off by your own body. Because of this, a surf suit has very good insulating properties and thick wetsuits are extremely suitable for keeping your body warm.

Besides wearing a surf suit against the cold, you can also buy a wetsuit to protect your body against the sun's rays. All surfing suits are made of neoprene material. Neoprene material is flexible and absorbs little water. Because of the flexible neoprene, all surfing suits can be worn snugly.

Types of wetsuits

If you are about to purchase a wetsuit, it is very important to find out which surfing suit is right for you. This is important because there are many different wetsuits available. We have listed everything below:

Streamer wetsuit

Streamer wetsuits are full length surfing suits made of thick neoprene material. Because of the thick neoprene, these surfing suits are mainly suitable to wear during cold temperatures. The advantage of streamer wetsuits is that the seams are often glued or taped, so little or no water can get in. This keeps your body warmer compared to other surfing suits.

Semidry wetsuit

Semidry wetsuits are the most common surfing wetsuits. With these wetsuits, a thin layer of water will run inside, but this layer of water will be warmed by the heat of your own body. You will definitely stay warm on the water with a semidry suit!

Full wetsuit

The name 'full wetsuits' really gives it away. These are surfing suits that completely cover your body. In comparison to streamer wetsuits, fullsuits are often made of thinner neoprene and therefore generally less warm. Full wetsuits are great to put on on days with average temperatures.

Overknee wetsuit

Overknee wetsuits cover your upper body completely and the legs are covered up to just over the knee. The advantage to these wetsuits is that they are more comfortable to wear with kite or wakeboard boots. Overknee wetsuits you can put on the days with slightly warmer temperatures, around 18 degrees.

Shorty wetsuit

In a shorty wetsuit the arms and legs are not covered and the rest of the body is. The advantage of this is that the upper body is well protected from the sun's rays. This makes the surf suits very suitable to wear during the warmer temperatures.


Drysuits are suitable during the most extreme weather conditions. This is because these surfing suits offer maximum warmth. A drysuit is very tight on the legs, arms and neck, so no water can get in. This means you will not get wet and you can wear dry clothes underneath to keep yourself warm.

At Telstar Surf we offer many brands of wetsuits! Our top three are: Mystic, ION and Prolimit. Look here for more information about the Mystic wetsuits and ION wetsuits.

What wetsuit thicknesses are there?

Surf suits are available in different thicknesses, from 1 to 6mm. You will probably have come across it before; a 5/3mm wetsuit. So exactly how thick is the surf suit? The belly and back are made of 5mm thick neoprene to keep the core well warm. The arms and legs are made of 3mm thick neoprene for the most optimal freedom of movement. The thicker the neoprene, the more warmth the surf suit provides.


Thickness wetsuit:

Tropical (>22℃)

2/1, 2/2

Warm (<18℃)


Mild (>14℃)


Cold (>8℃)

5/4, 5/3

Icy cold(<2℃)

6/4, 5,4

What should I consider when buying a wetsuit? 

In addition to the type of surf suit and thickness, there are a number of factors to consider when buying a wetsuit. Think about the type of neoprene material, front and backzip, size and fit.

Types of Neoprene

There are two different types of neoprene that a surf suit can be made of, single-lined and double-lined neoprene. This involves the layer of fabric over the neoprene. Is this on the inside and outside? Then it is a double-lined wetsuit. If the outside of the wetsuit is smooth rubber, then it is single-lined neoprene.

In general, single-lined neoprene is warmer than double-lined because the structure is completely dense. Because of this, you won't be bothered by the cold wind trying to penetrate the wetsuit and so your body will stay nice and warm.
The only disadvantage is the high vulnerability of the wetsuit. In practice you will see that kitesurfers, wakeboarders, water skiers and sailors rather choose the strong version.

Frontzip, backzip and zipless

A surfing suit can have a font, backzip or zipless zipper. A backzip is a zipper on the back and a frontzip has a zipper on the chest. Nowadays, many surfers prefer a frontzip zipper. But why? This is simple to explain for two reasons, freedom of movement and waterproofness. There is a small disadvantage to fontzip wetsuits, because these surfing suits are somewhat more difficult to put on.
A surf suit with a backzip, on the other hand, is somewhat easier to put on, but the disadvantage of this is that more water will enter the surf suit and you will experience less freedom of movement.

In addition, some surfing suits also have no zipper (zipless). There are both advantages and disadvantages to a zipless wetsuit. The advantage is that you will experience more freedom of movement during wind or kite surfing. A disadvantage may be that water can penetrate, because the wetsuit has no zipper.

In the end, it's everyone's own choice! A personal choice is different for everyone. By trying on different wetsuits with different zippers, you will find out which wetsuit suits you best!

Size and fit

One of the most important factors is that a wetsuit fits well to your body. This will prevent too much water from entering your body and will keep you warm on the water. Besides warmth, comfort is also very important. You need to feel comfortable with a wetsuit, because a wetsuit should not hinder your performance on the water! That's why you should first check out what size you need and then look for the right mix between comfort and a tight fit.

Other characteristics of a wetsuit

  • More expensive wetsuits generally have a more flexible neoprene. The advantage of this is that it increases comfort and freedom of movement.
  • Lining: Most expensive wetsuits have a lining on the inside, which makes the wetsuit insulate even better. Some wetsuits have limited lining to the chest area and others have lining all over the suit.
  • Flushings: You will probably have come across it before; small holes at the legs of the wetsuit. Through these holes the water can flow out. This is ideal for kite surfers because they get a lot of water in through the pipes.

Advice on buying a wetsuit

It is very important to buy the right wetsuit for optimal use. Do you still have doubts, do you have a question or can you use some advice when choosing the right wetsuit? Come visit us in our surf shop or feel free to contact us. That's what we are here for!

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