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The duotone super hero 2019 is online available and also at the Telstar surf shop . Order this duotone super hero 2019 simply by adding it to your cart. Check out our other Duotone products online.

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product description
Brand: Duotone Wave sail
Color: Red
Item no: 4010110099 / 4010110099
supplier number: 14900-1200



On the one hand, the Super Hero captivates with manageable top performances, even in nukingspots such as the Canary Islands or South Africa, and remains perfectly manageable, even in extremely overpowered jumping conditions. On the other hand, this sail offers powerful acceleration at the lowest wind limit for sailing on Maui or Mauritius. Designer Kai Hopf has pushed the bar up to the top of the boom, increasing the gap to the foot, comparable to a 3-slat sail. This 'free tree zone concept' offers an unbelievable on / off feeling on the wave. The lath-free area is super easy to pump and offers less resistance to the wind to fill the profile in the wind under underpowered conditions. However, to ensure large amounts of stability in strong winds and performance over a huge wind range, Kai uses two MINI.BATTEN and the HOLLOW.LOWER.LEECH directly above the boom. In addition, RADIAL.LOAD.STRIPES stabilize the boom-free area from the clew and ensure an even distribution of the load.

The result is a 4-fold wave sail with an incomparably wide wind range, which combines a maximum low final power with control and stability. The low weight provides incredible handling, while you can imagine how light and soft the sail feels. The rotation is as smooth as silk, even with minimal stretching stress. The top of the sail works very effectively to support the power. That's why you can safely choose a sail size that is smaller than with many other wave sails. This applies to almost every rider, regardless of weight.

Sail Luff Boom Mast Latten Top Thickness
4.7 404 163 400/370 4 Fixed RDM/--
5.0 410 168 400 4 Fixed RDM/--
6.3 452 185 430 5 Fixed RDM/SDM
6.7 463 189 460/430 5 Fixed SDM/RDM
3.0 351 140 340/370 4 Vario RDM/--
3.7 360 147 340/370 4 Vario RDM/--
4.0 380 153 370/400 4 Vario RDM/--
5.3 422 171 400 4 Fixed RDM/--
5.7 438 177 430 4 Fixed RDM/--
5.9 444 179 430 5 Fixed RDM/SDM
4.2 444 179 430 5 Fixed RDM/SDM
4.5 390 158 370/400 4 Vario RDM/--
3.4 357 146 340/370 4 Vario RDM/--