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Wingsurf wing

Buying a wingsurf wing

Are you looking for a wingsurf wing? Then Telstar Surf is the right place for personal and professional advice. Buying a wingsurfer may cause confusion, because what size wing, type and how much do I need? These are important questions to find the right wingsurf wing. Read below what you should pay attention to when purchasing a wingsurf wing.

What size wing do I need?

The size of a wing is extremely important, so choosing the right one can be very complicated. Factors such as wind, weight and sailing style all have to be mapped out in order to make the right choice. For example, with a small wingsurf wing you will experience less 'power'. Ideal if you like wingsurfing with strong winds. But perhaps in the initial phase something slanderous if the wind is a bit disappointing. If you want to get out on the water with less wind, you can grab a large windsurf wing. A big wing size is considered between 4.5 and 6 square meters. The advantage is that you have more power in the wing while wingsurfing. The more power in the beginning, the easier it is to get into wingfoiling. You can always manually release the pressure in the wing. However, if you're on the water with a wing that is too large, you can be overpowered, which often reduces control and making you to put in more effort. Unfortunately we have not yet found a standard rule for finding the right size wingsurf wing. From our experience we can advise that the average Dutch person gets away with a wing between 5.0 and 5.5 m2.

What is a wingsurf wing made of?

A wing consists largely of Dacron, also a brand name for Polyester. This is a polyester which is woven as a cloth and reinforced with resin. This special way of manufacturing is excellently optimized for wingsurfing.
In addition, there are wingsurf wings such as the Duotone Unit that contain a window. This window is made out of monofilm on most brands and is an excellent choice if you would like a better overview of the water. It is true that a wing without a window, due to the lower weight and the performance of Dacron, delivers more performance.

Wing advice at Telstar Surf

In our wingsurf department there are various materials that you can admire. And would you like to be updated? Then one of our employees will be happy to talk you through the proces while enjoying a cup of coffee.

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