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Are you looking for your first kiteboard? Or do you have years of experience and would you like to try a different board. Then you're at the right place! Your kiteboard largely determines the fun on the water during kitesurfing. That is why it is important that you spend the necessary time reading and learning about the different types of kitesurfboards before the purchase. Because it can become complicated we worked out a whole list of things to look at. Such as: what do you pay attention to when buying a kiteboard? The answer is that you have to determine which style you want to perform. In general, there are Twintip kiteboard and Directional kiteboards. More about this below:

Types of kiteboards

The first lessons you get as a kiter are usually on a twintip kiteboard. A twin tip kiteboard is a board with fins on each side of the board. This allows you to sail both left and right without having to turn your board, you can stay in the same position. If you later decide to ride the waves, you can opt for a directional board. In most cases, a directional board is used for waveriding.

Twintip kiteboard

Within the twintip boards you have different categories of kiteboards. From freeride to freestyle kiteboards. The Freeride kiteboards are flexible boards which are made for comfort. To achieve this, a lot of flex has put into the board. The boards are also made for riding upwind with ease and are perfect for jumping and playing on the water! Are you planning to kite at sea or on flat water? Every freeride kiteboard is suitable for defying various conditions.

The all-round and freestyle boards are kiteboards that have more channels and extra grip in the water. The boards are also slightly stiffer/harder so you can generate more pop. The Wakestyle boards are the opposite of freeride boards. The wakestyle boards are stiff/hard boards, have a hooked outline and often have deep channels at the back for extra grip. The boards are equipped with strong inserts because they are often used with boots. Are you someone who kites a lot unhooked and therefore wants to get a lot of pop out of his board? Then look at a wakestyle boards.

Directional kiteboard

Are you getting excited by the waves slamming on the beach? Or do you love seeing others surfing the waves and would you like to try it yourself? Then wave kiting might be something for you! It is the ideal combination to enjoy the waves and the wind. A wave kiteboard (also named directional kiteboard) is very similar to a normal wave surfboard. The directional boards are generally smaller than a wave surfboard and a lot stronger. The forces that arise during wave kiting must be absorbed by the waveboard.

A directinal kiteboard can be used with straps, so that you do not easily fly off your board. Pay attention; not all directional models have the option for straps. Because you are connected with the board you will expierence more feeling and feedback from the board you're riding. Although most wave riders find it more fun to ride without straps on the board. Without straps you will experience more freedom. The great thing about waveriding is that you can catch any wave at any time. Waveriding is a bit different from your twintip board, but with a little practice you'll be riding every wave in no time!

Which size kiteboard is right for me?

The choice of size depends on several factors. The weight and skills of the rider are usually the most important things to look at. You can say that a smaller kiteboard is more playful and can be kept longer with strong winds. A larger board on the other hand is faster away and easier to use for soft winds. Novice kitesurfers certainly have a big advantage in this, so Telstar Surf advises to choose a slightly larger size compared to one that is too small when in doubt. Incidentally, kiteboards have been increasingly used in recent years.

Below in the table the weight is shown next to the kiteboard length. Pay attention! This is a guideline, other standards apply for novice kiters or specific light weather.

Weight in KG Kiteboard length in CM
<70 128-132
70-85 134-138
80-95 136-140
95+ >140

What should I pay attention to when buying a kiteboard?

There are several factors that give a kiteboard its character. In addition to the fact that the size is very important, there are 5 other important factors that make a kiteboard a kiteboard. The main factors to be considered are: outline, flex, rocker, channels and concave. To start, we look at the outline.

The outline of a board

The outline, also called the shape of the board, largely determines the character of the board. The rounder the outline, the more forgiving the board is. You simply sail through the chop and golf. If the board is more square, the board will have more surface and therefore generate more pop, perfect for freestyle. Due to the square outline, the boards sacrifice a little more control, but they sail faster again.

Flex in a kiteboard

In addition to the outline, you can also look at the flex. The more flex a kiteboard has, the more comfortably a kiteboard rides. Because the board will simply give more during, for example, landings, you will experience that the kiteboard feels more comfortable. However, the more flex there is in a kiteboard, the more energy you lose during a pop. Hence, a freestyle kiteboard is stiffer and will therefore generate more pop during take-off.

The rockerline of the board

The rockerline in a kiteboard represents the curvature in a kiteboard. The warmer the board (like a banana), the easier it is to get through the chop or waves. But the more rocker also ensures that the board is slowed down because the resistance is higher. A kiteboard that has little rocker is in principle faster and you need speed to be able to jump high, but you will be more likely to bite in choppy conditions.

Channels from a kite surfboard

You can also look at the channels in a board. Channels are simply grooves in the kiteboard. The channels provide extra grip on the water. The channals ensure that the board is more streamlined and help the fins to get extra grip on the water. The more grip, the better you can keep the rail during channels and making big jumps!

The concave of a kiteboard

An underestimated part of a kiteboard is the concave. The concave of a board mainly provides stability and how the water leaves the board. Different amounts of concaves can be found, single and double being the most common. But kiteboards with quad concaves are also available.

Kiteboard brands

Last but not least, the looks of your kiteboard should of course be very cool, but realize that this is actually the least important factor. A board doesn't sail better because of a great print. See which size suits you and which sailing style suits you. Based on that, you determine which board is most suitable for you. Are you looking for a kiteboard? View our range with top brands such as: Reedin, Duotone, Cabrinha, Ozone, F-one, Naish and Brunotti.

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  1. 115369_1.jpg
    Duotone Jaime 2024
  2. 115370_1.jpg
    Duotone Jaime SLS 2024
  3. 115914_1.jpg
    Core Fusion 6
  4. 115374_1.jpg
    Duotone Soleil 2024
  5. 115433_1.jpg
    Naish Monarch 2024
  6. 115437_1.jpg
    Naish Motion 2024
  7. 115439_1.jpg
    Naish Alana 2024
  8. 115372_1.jpg
    Duotone Select 2024
  9. 115373_1.jpg
    Duotone Select SLS 2024
  10. Discovery 2023 & Pro Pads
    Brunotti Discovery 2023 & Pro Pads
    €389.00 €579.00
  11. 115228_1.jpg
    North Atmos Hybrid
  12. 115232_1.jpg
    North Focus Hybrid
  13. 114011_1.jpg
    Ozone CODE V3
  14. 114531_1.jpg
    F-One FONE BIG ONE-160 x 45
  15. 114012_1.jpg
    Ozone CODE V3
  16. 111759_1.jpg
    Duotone Shred 2023
    €489.00 Regular Price €699.00
  17. 113743_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Ace Hybrid 2023
  18. 111755_1.jpg
    Duotone Select 2023
    €539.95 Regular Price €769.00
  19. 113262_1.jpg
    Brunotti PRO X
  20. 111601_1.jpg
    North Atmos Hybrid 2023
    €544.95 Regular Price €779.00
  21. 113742_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Ace Wood 2023
  22. 113745_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Spectrum 2023
  23. 113746_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Stylus 2023
  24. 113571_1.jpg Try & Buy
    Reedin Space Ageny
  25. 113572_1.jpg Try & Buy
    Reedin KevPro
  26. 113574_1.jpg Try & Buy
    Reedin Super E
  27. 113538_1.jpg
    F-One Trax HRD LT
  28. 113539_1.jpg
    F-One Trax
  29. 113348_1.jpg Try & Buy
    Duotone Spike 2023
  30. 113257_1.jpg
    Brunotti Dimension
  31. 113260_1.jpg
    Brunotti Four Presidents
  32. 113263_1.jpg
    Brunotti Riptide Aqua
  33. 113264_1.jpg
    Brunotti Riptide Tropic
  34. 113266_1.jpg
    Brunotti Dimension
  35. 108351_1.jpg
    Brunotti Dimension Galactic
  36. 111760_1.jpg
    Duotone Voyage 2024
  37. 111353_1.jpg
    Ozone Base V2
    €419.95 Regular Price €599.00
  38. 111756_1.jpg Try & Buy
    Duotone Select SLS 2023
    €839.95 Regular Price €1,199.00
  39. 111765_1.jpg
    Duotone Fish SLS
  40. 111768_1.jpg
    Duotone Whip SLS
  41. 5020220265_1.jpg
    North Atmos Hybrid
    €499.00 Regular Price €699.00
  42. 111377_1.jpg
    Ozone Base V2
    €419.95 Regular Price €599.00
  43. 109860_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Ace Wood 2022
    €399.00 Regular Price €699.00
  44. 110637_1.jpg
    Reedin No Brainer V2
  45. 110635_1.jpg
    Reedin Super E V3
    €414.99 Regular Price €649.00
  46. 108396_1.jpg
    Brunotti Riptide
  47. 109863_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Spectrum 2022
    €369.00 Regular Price €529.00
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