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Do you want to show your best tricks on the water behind the boat? Then boat wakeboarding is for you! On the water together with good weather, the wind in your hair and together on new adventures. The best view is when you sit in the boat and watch another wakeboarder. In the meantime, spot the "wake" coming off the boat. A good wakeboard boat has a nice wake, also called wave to jump over while boarding. If your timing and speed are just right, the wake will give you altitude so you can develop different tricks while flying over the water.


When you go wakeboarding behind the boat and you want to tackle this properly, it is important to look at the construction of the wakeboard. There are big differences among the wakeboards. This way you can look at the shape, the fins and the material.


When wakeboarding behind the boat, it is wise to choose a board with fins. The fins can be long or short. Long fins provide more grip and stability, making the board feel predictable. These fins are recommended for novice wakeboarders. Shorter fins, on the other hand, provide more freedom of movement and a looser feel on the water. If you are already a more advanced wakeboarder, the shorter fins are recommended. There are also boards with molded-in fins (permanent fins). The fins are, as it were, incorporated into the shape of the board and are therefore not removable. Most beginner boards come with both fin options. The shape is provided with molded-in fins and loose extra fins so that you experience even more grip on the water. This way you can choose whether you want to sail with or without fins and with what length.


A wakeboard can have various shapes that look at the rocker of your board (also called curvature of the board). Four different types of rockers are known. The rocker most commonly used for wakeboarding behind the boat is the 3-stage rocker.

  • The 3-stage rocker has a three-compartment award on the bottom of the board. This ensures that the board has a greater pop when hitting the wake. However, this also makes the board a little slower. The board plows through the water instead of sliding over the water. Behind the boat that is not bad at all because the boat has enough horsepower to pull you forward! These boards are ideal for the advanced boarder and are often used behind the boat.


When looking at your style of wakeboarding, it is important to consider your riding style. To maneuver behind the boat you will notice that you are leaning in a certain direction. By leaning to a certain side you hang over the rail of your board, as it were. This is also called curbing. The more / harder you are on the side, the faster you move from left to right across the water.

  • Are you looking for a new board? Then also check the edges of the wakeboard. The sharper / thinner the edges are, the faster you can move across the water. Thanks to the sharp edges, it is possible to turn harder, so you can make more speed over the wake.
  • Are you more of a relaxed boarder? Then view the boards with a round edge. The rounded edges are designed for the relaxed boarder, you have more grip on the water and you can concentrate better on superficial tricks.
  • Are you looking for a board that can do a little bit of everything, check out the wakeboards that have variable edges.

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  1. 108759_1.jpg
    Ronix Parks Modello
  2. 114424_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Murray Board
    €415.00 Regular Price €519.99
  3. 114425_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Murray Board
    €415.00 Regular Price €519.99
  4. 114426_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Murray Board
    €415.00 Regular Price €519.99
  5. 110754_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Motive Board
    €199.99 Regular Price €299.99
  6. 110772_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Blueprint
    €329.99 Regular Price €499.99
  7. 110796_1.jpg
    Hyperlite State 2.0
    €319.00 Regular Price €399.99
  8. 110798_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Cadence Ladies
    €279.99 Regular Price €419.99
  9. 108758_1.jpg
    Ronix Supreme
    €399.99 Regular Price €599.99
  10. 108760_1.jpg
    Ronix District Modello
  11. 6010110160_1.jpg
    Ronix One Time Bomb
    €399.00 Regular Price €699.00
  12. 6010110163_1.jpg
    Ronix District Modello Core
    €229.00 Regular Price €379.00
  13. 6010500064_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Franchise
    €219.00 Regular Price €389.00
  14. 117307_1.jpg
    Ronix One Blackout Tech
  15. 114396_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Riot Board
    €479.99 Regular Price €599.99
  16. 114397_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Blueprint Loaded Board
    €799.99 Regular Price €999.99
  17. 114398_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Blueprint Board
    €439.99 Regular Price €549.99
  18. 114399_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Blueprint Board
    €439.99 Regular Price €549.99
  19. 114402_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Capitol Board
    €479.99 Regular Price €599.99
  20. 114420_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Rusty Board
    €399.99 Regular Price €499.99
  21. 114428_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Cryptic Board
  22. 114432_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Motive Board
  23. 110770_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Riot Loaded
    €719.95 Regular Price €899.99
  24. 110771_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Riot
    €414.95 Regular Price €519.99
  25. 110773_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Blueprint Loaded
    €719.95 Regular Price €899.99
  26. 110775_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Source Loaded
    €719.95 Regular Price €899.99
  27. 110206_1.jpg
    Ronix RXT Blackout Tech.
    €719.99 Regular Price €899.99
  28. 108756_1.jpg
    Ronix One Blackout
    €719.99 Regular Price €899.99
  29. 108757_1.jpg
    Ronix One Timebomb
    €599.99 Regular Price €749.99
  30. 108762_1.jpg
    Ronix Ladies Rise Air Core
    €479.99 Regular Price €599.99
  31. 108763_1.jpg
    Ronix Ladies Quarter 'Til Midnight
  32. 6010110161_1.jpg
    Ronix Supreme Sandwich ATR
    €519.99 Regular Price €649.99
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