Wingsurf bags

Wingsurf bags

Buying a Wingsurf bag

Do you want to easily take your wingssurf equipment with you and protect it well? Then a wingssurf bag is highly recommended! You will find different types of wingsurfing bags that each have their own purpose. Take a look online or visit our store!

The different types of wingsurf bags

In the Telstar Surf range you will see that there are many different wingsurf bags. One protects your board, another your foil blade. Different sizes, colors and brands are available so there is plenty of choice and always a good match for everyone!

Wingsurf board bags

Would you like to protect your board in the car, plane or store it safely? Then a bag for your wingsurf board is suitable. When choosing, pay attention to the dimensions, your board should not have too much space, but also not too little. And are you going by plane? Then take the thickness of the board bag in mind.

Wingsurf foil bags

In addition to your board, protecting the wing foil is also very important. In this case, you should take a look at a wing foil bag. Take a good look at whether the dimensions match those of your foil, so you will not be faced with surprises.

Getting help with choosing the right wingsurf bag

Do you still have doubts, or do you not know where to look? Then contact Telstar Surf. We are happy to advise and guide you in the proces of choosing a suitable wingsurf bag. And if you have the opportunity, you're always welcome in our surf shop!

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  1. 4070110058_1.jpg
    Prolimit Sup/Wind Foil Bag
  2. 114512_1.jpg
    Mystic Star Foilboard Day wide fit
  3. 114641_1.jpg
    Manera Foilbag Wheels
  4. 114352_1.jpg
    ION IOW-Boardbag Wing Core
  5. 106280_1.jpg
    Unifiber Boardbag Pro Foil
  6. 4002500007_1.jpg
    Mystic Star Wingfoil Boardbag
  7. 4002500006_1.jpg
    Mystic Star Daypack Slim Fit
  8. 115915_1.jpg
    Mystic Star Wingfoil bag Wheeled
  9. 114626_1.jpg
    Manera Kitefoil bag
  10. 114629_1.jpg
    Manera Wing Boardbag
  11. 113579_1.jpg
    Reedin Feather Boardbag
  12. 112408_1.jpg
    Unifiber Pro Luxury Wing Foil
  13. 112615_1.jpg
    AK Gray Bag
  14. 112381_1.jpg
    ION Gearbag Wing Quiverbag Core
  15. 110711_1.jpg
    Naish Wing Foil Boardbag
  16. 110712_1.jpg
    Naish Wing Boardbag Travel
  17. 108320_1.jpg
    ION Wing Gearbag TEC
  18. 108933_1.jpg
    Duotone Boardbag Foil
  19. 108672_1.jpg
    Starboard Wing Day Bag
  20. 108322_1.jpg
    ION Wing Quiverbag Core
    €114.95 Regular Price €164.99
  21. 107362_1.jpg
    North Sonar Travel bag
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