Kids sails

Buying guidance for kid windsurfsails

If you want to start windsurfing at a young age, not all sails are often available in small sizes. That's why children's sails have come on the market. These children's sails will help with windsurfing. The children's sails are specifically aimed at children who want to master windsurfing in a fun and easy way.

The sails are very light so that the lifting of the sail from the water will be less difficult. The sails are also very stable so that you can stand comfortably on the water.

The kids sails have their own specifications, which we will explain further below.

Features of windsurf kids sails

Brands: The kids sails have different brands and types. Telstar Surf has a very large range, so there is a nice sail for every child. The children's wind surfing sails do not differ very much in construction, so the size and color will be a major consideration.

Material: The children's sails are made as light as possible to make windsurfing more pleasant for the children. This material is called monofilm. Monofilm is a transparent material that is very light, thanks to the ability to see through the material you can see where you are going. The pieces of sail fabric provide reinforcement in the sail. This combination provides a strong system that can take a beating. The monofilm and sail fabric are attached to each other by stitching and gluing.

Battens: Windsurfing sails for kids have 0 to 4 battens depending on the size of the sail. Battens give reinforcement and stability to the windsurf sail. Stability makes learning windsurfing a bit easier because you can focus more on learning how to windsurf instead of watching the sail all the time.

Color: For many kids the color of the sail is very important because, for example, this is their favorite color. That is why the children's sails are available in all kinds of different colors at Telstar Surf. Because of this there is a nice color sail for every child.

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