Kids sails

Kids sails


Teaching your kids to windsurf is great. Many parents think back to the early days, to when they themselves went every weekend in the water with Mum and Dad, windsurfing. A small disadvantage in those days was the terribly heavy rig that was almost impossible to haul out of the water. The new kids surfsails are very light and easy to handle. The diameter of the booms is tuned to the size of kids’ hands. With the newly developed equipment, the kids learn much quicker and become less tired. Naturally, because of this kids and parents experience much more windsurfing pleasure.


Below you can find a size/age comparison chart.

Most kids sails come as a complete rig. A kids rig composes of a kids sail, mast, boom, pull up cord and adapter. This adapter is needed to set a kids rig on a mast foot of 48mm diameter.

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