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Welcome to the webshop of one of the largest surf shops in the Netherlands. At Telstar Surf, you can find a comprehensive range of kitesurf, windsurf, wingsurf, SUP, and wakeboard items from the most popular brands. Our surf shop in Ermelo has an extensive collection with a large stock, so many of our items can be delivered immediately. 

The stock in the online surf shop is even larger due to drop shipping possibilities via the most popular surf brands. These items are delivered directly from the supplier to your home.


From the very first day, you can come to Telstar Surf for your complete kitesurf equipment. Many employees of Telstar Surf are avid kitesurfers. They spend many hours at the home spot, but also travel all over the world to kitesurf at spectacular kitesurf spots. They use their experience extensively to answer all your kitesurf questions.

The collection of Telstar Surf is broad and consists of the largest kitesurf brands. Duotone, Reedin, Naish, F-One, Ozone, Gaastra, Brunotti, and Cabrinha are part of the range. The most popular kites, boards, and complete kitesurf sets can be tested at our surf center.


At Telstar Surf, you have been able to go for your windsurf equipment for 40 years. Service, product knowledge, and a large assortment have been combined with very sharp prices for years. Most employees regularly stand on the board themselves or test them at the surf center. A large part of the windsurf gear can also be tested at the surf center, so you know exactly what you are buying.

In the large shop, most windsurf boards and windsurf sails are rigged, so you can easily compare everything. You can come to our windsurf shop for brands such as Fanatic, Duotone, JP-Australia, Neilpryde, Starboard, Severne, Gaastra, Naish, Tabou, Unifiber, Exocet, Loftsails, and many more!=


Are you looking for the most recent and best developments in the field of wing and foil surfing? You're in the right place at Telstar! This rapidly growing sport has captured the hearts of surfers worldwide. Many windsurfers and kitesurfers switch to wing and foil surfing to experience the excitement of this thrilling new sport.

At Telstar Surf, we have a wide range of wing brands to choose from, including Duotone, Fanatic, Naish, North, Starboard, and many more.


The popularity of SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) has increased significantly in recent years. From relaxed paddling to racing, the sport offers many possibilities. Many of the SUP boards can be viewed in our store and can be used immediately. Choose from the compact inflatable SUP or the hard and stiff SUP boards. In addition, you will also find SUP paddles, clothing, bags, leashes, foils, and accessories!

At Telstar Surf, you can get extensive advice for the purchase of your Stand Up Paddle board. In our range, you will find brands such as Aquatone, Brunotti, Fanatic, Gladiator, JP Australia, Naish, Red Paddle, Starboard, and Unifiber.


Your equipment does not only consist of your kite or surfboard. Wetsuits, harnesses, surf boots, gloves, etc. are also part of it. Complete your surf set with our accessories for comfortable surf sessions!

Some of the top brands available include Mystic, Bruontti, Duotone, ION, Neilpryde, North, O'Neill, Prolimit, and Starboard.


Wakeboarding is a rapidly growing sport. Especially with the advent of cable parks, more and more boys and girls are starting this amazing sport. The arrival of these wakeboard parks has greatly increased popularity. Wakeboarders can come to Telstar Surf for a wide choice of wakeboards, wakeboard boots, impact vests, wakeboard lines, and accessories.

Ronix and Hyperlite are the biggest brands in our range. To complete the range, there is a stock link with Ronix and Hyperlite. We send these items in our online wakeboard shop directly to your home.


Looking for clothing that gives you a real surf look? Then Telstar Surf is the place to be! There is a suitable garment or accessory for everyone. How about a surf poncho that keeps you warm after a surf session. A cool pair of flip-flops for the summer, or just a comfortable sweater and sweatpants for the couch. You can't think of it as crazy or it is available.

The surf sport has known the cool surfwear for years. Big surf brands like Billabong, Brunotti, Hurley, ION, Mystic, O'Neill, Quiksilver, Ronix, Shakaloha, and Ripcurl are widely available at Telstar Surf. Check out the large selection of flip-flops, board shorts, t-shirts, and sweaters from all top brands online or in the store.

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