Freeride sails

Buy guidance for freeride windsurf sails

The freeride windsurf sails are perfect sails for the novice, advanced and allround windsurfers. The freeride sails are known for their diversity in many conditions and user friendliness. The freeride sails are suitable for learning how to windsurf, cruise and jump. You can do freeride windsurfing on flat water and in choppy conditions so that you can go windsurfing in various places.

The freeride windsurfing sails are made of light materials that will give you a lot of pleasure. A light sail can be especially useful for the novice windsurfer because pulling a windsurf sail out of the water feels the weight of heavy people at the beginning. Thanks to the use of light material, this has been made a little easier. There are no-cam freeride sails and camber freeride sails. The freeride sails with a camber are a bit harder to rig but give more performance.

The freeride sails have specific characteristics that make it unique in its class. We will further explain what they are below.

Characteristics of freeride sails

Brands: There are different brands available for freeride sails. These brands deliver top quality and are made from the best material available. All brands have their own way of making a sail, which means that many different types of freeride sails are available. To make the right choice, we recommend that you read the texts for the sails on our website so that you know the specifications of the sail.

Masts: The freeride sails can be used with an SDM or RDM mast. Pay attention! This differs per sailing brand and type. Each brand has given its own twist, which means that one sail brand or type will have an RDM and the other an SDM. To indicate this clearly, we have indicated on our website for each sail of 2019+ what mast fits into the sail so that you can make the right choice.

Material: The freeride windsurf sails are made from monofilm and sail fabric. This combination ensures that you can get the most out of your sail. The materials are connected by means of glue and a stitching construction. This ensures that your sail remains in good contact while sailing. Monofilm is used to lighten the sail but also helps keep an overview while windsurfing because you can see through it. The sail fabric is a strong material type that is also used for sailboat sailing.

Cambers: The freeride sails are available in the no-cam or camber version. A sail without cambers is suitable for the novice windsurfer who does not want to spend too much time rigging his sail. If you want more power while windsurfing then a camber is definitely recommended. The cambers in the sail ensure that your sail will keep a nice bulge so that you will experience faster accelerations.

Battens: Freeride sails often have 5 to 7 battens in the sail. The freeride sails are likely larger than the wave or freestyle sails. This makes it easier for you to speed up and get the most out of your session. The sails are reinforced by the battens in the sail. The battens also ensure that your sail becomes more stable, making it feel comfortable to go out on the water.


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