Freerace sails

Buying guidance for freerace windsurf sails

If you are looking for a combination between freeride and slalom, then a freerace windsurfing is a very good option. Many people enjoy sailing with a freerace sail because they feel stable and comfortable. The freerace sails are known for their super fast acceleration and glide options in the most extreme conditions. To achieve maximum performance, freerace sails often have cambers that ensure that you keep a nice bulge. This allows you to break your own records or even competitions! The disadvantage of the cambers is that this has made the sail a bit heavier.

All the freerace windsurf sails have unique specifications. We will explain what they are below.

Characteristics of freerace sails

Battens: The battens in the freerace windsurf sails are a lot stiffer than the other sails. Because of this a better performance is delivered which in turn will result in more pleasure! The battens in the sail also ensure more stability.

Cambers: Almost all freerace windsurf sails have cambers. Cambers ensure that your sail keeps a nice bulge. The bulge ensures that you make a fast acceleration and your speed is maintained in the most extreme conditions.

Material: The material used for freerace windsurfing is a combination between monofilm and sail fabric. Monofilm is a transparent material that ensures that you can keep a close eye on the environment while windsurfing. Sail dust is a strong material type that is also used for sail boat sails.

Masts: The freerace windsurfing sails need an SDM mast. These masts ensure that the performance of the sail is optimal. At Telstar Surf we have a lot of masts of all kinds of brands and sizes, so there is enough choice for everyone.

Brands: The freerace sails are available in different brands that all give their own preferences to the construction method of the sail. Because there are many brands available that all give their own twist, there is a lot of choice. Maybe a bit too much. We therefore recommend that you carefully read the product descriptions that accompany the products of 2019+. Because of this you know exactly what you can expect and what specifications the sail has.

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