6 mm wetsuits

6 mm wetsuits


Are you looking for a ladies wetsuit for the cold winter sessions? When you go on the water in the winter months, keeping your body warm is very important. A thick and warm ladies wetsuit should therefore not be missing. Check out our collection of 6mm ladies wetsuits to be well prepared.


A 6mm ladies surfing suit should mainly be worn during the winter months. There is no specific rule of thumb on when to wear which wetsuit, as some people can handle the cold better than others. However, we can state that wearing a 6mm wetsuit often starts when temperatures drop below 8 degrees Celsius.


When buying a 6mm ladies wetsuit it is important to take into account a number of aspects. Based on these points you will most likely be able to make a better and easier choice.


The better the chosen wetsuit fits, the warmer your body will stay during the surf session. A ladies wetsuit should fit well and above all be comfortable. Because every body is shaped differently, you may have to try on several wetsuits before you find the right one. For a rough estimation you can use the wetsuit size chart to see what size fits you.


At Telstar Surf we have different wetsuits with different types of zips ready for you to put on. We make a distinction between front-zip, back-zip and zipperless wetsuits.

A Back-zip ladies wetsuit has the zip on the back of the wetsuit. This is also the most common type of zip, because you can easily get in and out of your wetsuit.
The Front-zip wetsuits have the zip on the front. An advantage of these women's wetsuits is that the connection is very tight which results in less water entering the wetsuit.
The zippless wetsuits do not have a zip. At first sight, you will probably think that this means that a lot of water can enter the suit, but this is not the case at all. The no-zip surfing suits are becoming more and more popular, not only because they keep out a lot of water, but also because the zipless wetsuits are a lot lighter in weight than the surfing suits with a zip.


You have women's wetsuits with glued and stitched seams. The thicker surfing suits are usually equipped with glued seams. This means that the seams are stitched on the outside and glued on the inside. This means that little or no water and wind can get in through the seams, keeping your body nice and warm during cold winter surf sessions.


We can well imagine that choosing the right wetsuit is a difficult choice. We advise you to visit our shop and try on different wetsuits. Don't live nearby? Don't worry! Contact us by mail/telephone. 

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  1. 112483_1.jpg
    Prolimit Oxygen Hooded 6/4
    €349.00 Regular Price €479.00
  2. 112486_1.jpg
    Prolimit Oxygen 6/4 FZ
    €339.00 Regular Price €459.00
  3. 112489_1.jpg
    Prolimit Flare FX Hooded 6/4
  4. 112490_1.jpg
    Prolimit Flare FX 6/4
    €279.00 Regular Price €359.00
  5. 112492_1.jpg
    Prolimit Fire FX 6/4
    €224.95 Regular Price €299.00
  6. 108162_1.jpg
    ION Amaze Select 6/5 BZ Wmn
    €459.95 Regular Price €659.99
  7. 108164_1.jpg
    ION Amaze Amp 6/5 BZ Wmn
    €334.95 Regular Price €479.99
  8. 108167_1.jpg
    ION Amaze Amp 6/5 Hood FZ Wmn
    €334.95 Regular Price €479.99
  9. 3011110033_1.jpg
    Prolimit Oxygen Hooded 6/4
    €319.00 Regular Price €429.00
  10. 3011110034_1.jpg
    Prolimit Oxygen 6/4 Freezip
    €349.00 Regular Price €459.00
  11. 3011110035_1.jpg
    Prolimit Oxygen 6/4 Freezip
    €349.00 Regular Price €459.00
  12. 3010100001_1.jpg
    NP NEXUS SD 5/4/3
    €199.90 Regular Price €389.90
  13. 3011110032_1.jpg
    Mystic Gem Hood 6/4/3 Fzip Wmn
  14. 3002110031_1.jpg
    Prolimit Nordic SUP Dry suit
    €239.95 Regular Price €479.00
  15. 112484_1.jpg
    Prolimit Oxygen 6/4 FX
    €339.00 Regular Price €459.00
  16. 112488_1.jpg
    Prolimit Oxygen V-Zip 6/4
    €339.00 Regular Price €459.00
  17. 112501_1.jpg
    Prolimit Nordic SUP Suit
  18. 112502_1.jpg
    Prolimit Nordic SUP Suit
  19. 112503_1.jpg
    Prolimit Nordic Pure SUP Suit
  20. 112193_1.jpg
    ION Amaze Amp 6/5 Hood FZ WMN
  21. 3011880019_1.jpg
    Prolimit Nordic Drysuit
  22. 3011880023_1.jpg
    Prolimit Nordic Girl SUP Wmn
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