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Are you looking for a surfboard or surf accessories? Then you are at the right place at Telstar Surf! With a nice assortment there is something for everyone. From surfboards to surfboard leaches and surfboard wax, you will find it at Telstar Surf. You can order your surfboard or accessories online or you can visit us in our surfshop!

Surfboard choice 

Before you buy a board there are some questions you can ask yourself in order to make the right choice. Think about: what is my level, what size board do I need, what material should my surfboard be, what shape board suits me and what fins will fit on my board? Below we explain a few things about surfboards to make it easier for you to make a choice!

What size surfboard? 

The volume of a board is expressed in liters. This indicates how much buoyancy a board has. If you are just starting to surf a wave, it is good to choose a board with a lot of volume. The board will be more stable and standing on it is easier. The size of the surfboard is indicated in feet and inches. Have you outgrown your beginner's board and are you ready for the next step? Then try a board with a little less volume. These boards are less stable but more maneuverable, which makes making turns easier.

Different Shapes 

  • Beginners: For a beginner, a Mini Malibu shape is ideal. These boards have a lot of volume, are forgiving, easy to steer and very stable. You will learn to surf waves in no time! Do you need that extra step? Then look at a fish shaped board. With their playful character and high volume, these boards are the ideal transition to the advanced category!
  • Advanced: A Hybrid board is the perfect step after a board from the beginner's category. These boards perform better in bigger waves, are playful and because of the high volume still accessible.
  • Pro: Are you going for the next level? Then look for a shortboard. These boards are extremely maneuverable and have little volume. In addition, a longboard is the ideal choice for experienced surfers. These boards have a lot of volume, offer the space to move back and forth and once in motion they offer the possibility of relaxed cruising.

Surfboard Nose 

When you look at different surfboards you will notice that they have different nose shapes. This means that the nose of the board can have different shapes. The shapes that are possible are: Round, Pointed and Leading edge. The tip of the board determines the maneuverability and buoyancy of your board.

  • Beginners: It is recommended to go for a round nose. The extra buoyancy in the nose gives you stability in the waves and makes paddling easier.
  • Advanced: Have you caught a lot of waves and are you ready for the next step? A pointed nose is ideal. This provides a nice balance between maneuverability and buoyancy.
  • Pro: Finally, we have boards with a leading edge. These are designed for surfers with a lot of experience. Due to the narrow outline of the board, it has less buoyancy. In return, you get that the board is very playful and feels direct.

Waveboard Tail 

Wave Surfboards are equipped with different tails. A tail influences the maneuverability, playfulness, control and speed of your board and is therefore very essential. The different tails are: Square, Squash, Swallow, Round, Pin, Rounded Pin and Diamond. Below we briefly discuss the characteristics per tail.

  • Square Tail: Playful board for sharp and aggressive turns.
  • Squash Tail: Ideal combination between maneuverability and stability.
  • Swallow Tail: Top tail for sharp, powerful, turns in both big and smaller waves.
  • Rounded Tail: The perfect tail for steep and fast waves. Super agile but not very stable.
  • Pin Tail: For when you want to surf big waves. Perfect for speed and control.
  • Rounded Pin Tail: Perfect for making long turns! Also ideal for maintaining your speed.
  • Diamond Tail: Perfect Tail for speed and very maneuverable.

Material Wavesurfboard

When you want to buy a surfboard you might ask yourself: from what material is a surfboard made and is there a difference? The short answer is: yes, there is a difference. The long answer is a little more complicated. Below we explain which different materials there are and what you can look out for.

  • PU/Polyester: This is a construction that has been used for years and is ideal in terms of price-quality ratio. Damages must be repaired immediately because otherwise this material can absorb water.
  • EPS Epoxy: This finish is stronger than the polyester boards. In addition, these boards have more buoyancy and are often equipped with a water-repellent core.
  • Eco Impacto: These surfboards are environmentally friendly. In addition, they are very robust and do not attract water if damaged, making it easier to continue surfing.
  • Soft top: Ideal for beginners. The soft foam layer and features similar to EPS Epoxy make this the ideal material to start with.
  • Future Flex: patented by Hydenshapes, so not found on other brands. This material is ideal for the intermediate/advanced surfer and provides an agile and fast surfboard.
  • TET: This material is lightweight and very durable and can only be found on Torq wave surfboards. It is a high-end construction, mainly intended for experienced surfers.

Wave Surf Fin Setup

When you look at the bottom of surfboards you will see that boards are equipped with different fin slots. Possible fin setups are: Single Fin, Twin, Thruster, Quad and Five Fin. Below we briefly explain the difference between these fins.

  • Single Fin: Ideal for longboards. Provides stability and directional stability during wave surfing.
  • Twin: Usually mounted on fishboards. A Twin fin is playful and fast, even on slow waves.
  • Truster: This is a setup with three fins and is mounted on most surfboards. It is the ideal combination between speed, stability and maneuverability. You can ride almost any wave with this!
  • Quad: Works better in bigger waves than the Twin fin. You sacrifice on maneuverability.
  • Five Fin: Ideal if you are looking for a versatile setup. With this Fin combination you can surf your board as a Twin, Truster and Quad surfboard. You can also change the size of the fins for even more variation.

What size fins?

Before you buy your fins, it is important to check which fin box is on your surfboard. This determines which fins will fit on your surfboard. The most common fin systems are: Universal, US Box, Futures, FCS and FCS 2.

Besides the fin box, your body weight determines the size of your fins. Below we list which size fin will fit your body weight.


> 55 kg


55 kg - 70 kg


65 kg - 80 kg 


75 kg - 90 kg 


< 85 kg

Other Accessories 

When you go surfing in the waves you will notice that it is nice to have a leach around your ankle. When you fall into the water your board will be carried away by the waves. With a leach you keep your board close to you and you can easily get back on to catch the next wave!

Advice on buying Surfboard 

Do you still find it hard to decide which material to buy? Or do you have other questions? Then the staff of Telstar Surf with years of experience and a lot of enthusiasm is ready for all your questions! Feel free to contact us by mail or phone.

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