Carbon booms

Carbon boom buying guidance

A carbon boom is a great option for windsurfers who want to get the most out of their set. The slalom and racing discipline in particular make use of the carbon booms. This is because the sails in these classes are often >7.0 m2. A large sail requires more stiffness. A boom with more stiffness provides a faster response time and more control during windsurfing, allowing you to achieve better performance. The disadvantage of carbon booms is that the point load is somewhat higher. A carbon boom is very strong over its entire length, but when it comes to one point, the carbon boom is a lot more vulnerable than the alloy boom. Because of this there is a chance that when the boom is dropped there will be a crack in the boom which will ultimately result in less performance.

Which carbon boom is the right one for you?

There are different types of carbon booms. We will explain the differences below.

Standard carbon booms: The standard carbon booms are meant for freeriders. These carbon booms have only one specific purpose, and that is: Deliver more fun. Consider faster accelerations and higher speeds in choppy conditions.

Slalom / race carbon booms: The slalom and race carbon booms are meant for windsurfers looking for a boom that will get the most out of their set. The slalom carbon booms can be used well with large windsurf sails. This is because the carbon boom provides more control, speed and a better response time.

Wave carbon booms: The wave carbon booms are for the wave windsurfers who are looking for a boom that will help them improve their performance on the waves. Because the carbon booms have a high rigidity you will notice that it accelerates faster and gives more control.

If you have any further questions about choosing the right boom, you can always E-Mail or give us a call!

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