Kite vinnen

Kite vinnen

kiteboard fins

Are you looking for kiteboard fins? There are a number of factors to consider when buying kite fins, as it is not something you buy every day. There is also quite a big difference in price between the different kitesurf fins. But when should I buy which fin for my kiteboard?

Kiteboard fin twin tip

When you buy a kiteboard, you naturally want a board that fits your needs perfectly. Kitesurf fins are no exception. With good kitesurfing fins under your kiteboard you can go much faster than before. The standard kite fins are 50mm and are supplied with most boards. The larger the kitesurf fins, the more grip can be provided. If you want a more playful board that feels looser on the water, look at kiteboard fins that are about 40mm long. If you are a real wakestyle kiteboarder, choose the 20mm kiteboard fins.

Kitesurfboard fins directional

Kitesurf fins have an important function. The kitesurf fins of a directional kitesurfboard ensure that you can ride straight ahead. If you would not place a fin under the board, it is not possible to ride straight out, you lead in all directions. The number of kite fins under a directional board can differ from 3 (thruster setup) or 4 (Quad setup) fins. The size of the fin affects your performance. A larger kite fin generally has more grip and also offers sufficient control in larger waves. A smaller kite fin, on the other hand, will feel more forgiving and playful.

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