Kitesurf straps & pads

Kitesurf straps and pads

Within our kitesurf straps and pads category there are many different kitesurf strap models. The kitesurf pads are made to connect you securely to your kiteboard while kiteboarding. The better the pads fit, the more feeling you have with the board.

Each brand has its own pads from F-one, Naish, Airush, Mystic, Duotone, Ozone, Cabrinha to Brunotti. Every kitesurf pad can feel different. One kitesurf pad is wider and the other is more narrow. One footstep also has one strap that can be used to adjust the binding, the other has two, giving you more adjustment options. For questions, look or call to our Telstar Surf kitesurf shop. 

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