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Are you looking for bindings for your kitesurf board? Here you can read what you should pay attention to when purchasing kite bindings. At Telstar Surf you will find a wide range of kite pads!

Have you made a nice and good decision about your board, you have choice stress again because of the large amount of kite straps available. The quality of your kiteboard is partly determined by the bindings on your kiteboard. The kitestraps must fit well around your feet, so that your kiteboard does not shoot off your feet too quickly. They must therefore be properly adjustable in order to be able to set them correctly. The kite pads must have grip and, above all, have good damping. Nowadays you see more and more straps that are adjustable on your foot via two or more straps. But what should you pay attention to when buying kiteboard bindings?

Differences between the kite bindings

Each brand has developed its own kite binding. All bonds gemaakt are made with a certain mindset. Every toad sits and falls, which is why it is different.

  • One kite binding is wider and the other is narrow.
  • One binding has one strap with which the binding can be adjusted, the other has two so that you have more adjustment options. The more adjustment options there are, the easier it will be to adjust them for your feet!
  • The angle with which you can set your pads also differs per binding. One kite binding has more adjustment options than the other.

Everyone is different so the straps and pads will have to be set up differently for everyone. The more matching options they offer, the better it will be for you.

What does a kite binding consist of?

A kite binding consists of 2 different parts; a footpad and a binding. Together they form the kiteboard binding.

  • The footpad is designed for comfort. While kiting, a lot of forces are exerted on your body, including your feet. The footpad is the part of the kite binding you stand on. With every jump and landing you do, your knees and feet will take a beating. That is why a good footpad helps you with the ideal support, comfort and feeling with your board. There are many different types. The softer the footpad is, the more comfort. The harder and stiffer the pad is, the more feeling you get with your board. It is also possible to purchase footpads where you can adjust the damping.
  • The straps have been developed to stay firmly in your footpad. The straps are attached over the instep of your foot. In many cases they can be adjusted using Velcro. With more luxurious models, they can also be adjusted in width. This allows you to adjust the straps to your own preferences. The better the binding, the more board feeling you will experience.

Kite binding brands

Every brand has its own pads, within our range of kite bindings you will find the best brands; from F-One, Naish, Airush, Mystic, Duotone, Ozone, Cabrinha to Brunotti.

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