Shorty wetsuits

Kids shorty wetsuits

Are you looking for a shorty for your children? The children's shorty wetsuits are wetsuits without long arms and legs. The shorties for children are made for the warm spring days and ofcourse the summer. Are you more looking for a wetsuit for the warmth? Then view the children's full wetsuits.

Why a children's Shorty?

With a shorty your child will stay nice and warm on. Besides that, a children's shorty not only provides warmth but also protects your child against the UV rays of the sun. A children's shorty also protects against the abrasion of a trapezoid on the anti-slip layer of a surfboard. Always make sure that a shorty fits well. The better a children's shorty fits, the warmer your child will be. For this reason, we recommend you to visit our shop in order to find the best wetsuit out there. You can also read the online size chart carefully.

Tips when buying a children's shorty

Size: When choosing a children's shorty wetsuit, you should take a good look at which size you need. If you buy a shorty that is too short or too long it will eventually lead to an uncomfortable wetsuit. We therefore recommend that you visit the Telstar Surf shop for personal advice and a wide choice of shorty children's wetsuits. If you are not able to do this, you can also order shorty children's wetsuits online. To make it a bit easier for you, size charts have been added to the products.

Warmth: The warmth of a children's wetsuit is very important. Three factors play a role in this, which we will explain further.
The number of millimeters indicates how many millimeters thick the neoprene suit is. A 5mm children's wetsuit is often warmer than a 3 or 4 mm thick wetsuit. The 5mm children's wetsuits can generally be used all year round, except in the summer. That is why a children's shorty for hot summer days can offer the ideal solution.

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