Windfoil sails

Buying guide for windfoil sails

You probably know them, that wind or kite surfer who flies over the water with little wind with his foil set while no one else is on the water. If you see this and you think this is fun too, then wind foiling is for you! Wind foiling has been around for a long time, but technology has never been used. Until now! Major brands see a new future in the foil discipline and are fully engaged in improving the technology. That is why wind foil sails have come on the market, normal sails can also be used for foiling, but these sails distinguish themselves from this by being specifically focused on foil windsurfing.

The windfoil sails are made considerably lighter so that you can easily lift the water with your entire set. The winfoil sails have also received a larger wind range because wind foils are often done with little wind.

The windfoil sails have been given their own special twist that makes the sails unique. We will explain what they are below.

Characteristics of windsurf foil sails

Brands: The foil windsurf sails are available at Telstar Surf in different brands. These windsurf brands are known worldwide for their top quality. Each brand has its own preferences when it comes to the technology that is applied to the sail. One brand believes that the sail tension should be high while another brand will say that it is not. For this reason it is important to check our descriptions to see if you agree with the brand on the specifications or not.

Masts: The foil windsurf sails can be sailed with SDM or RDM but beware, this differs per brand and type! Some sails can be sailed with both hazards and others only specifically aimed at one type of specific mast.

Material: The material from which the foil sails are made is monofilm and sail material. The foil sails have considerably more monofilm so that the sail is lighter and you can watch almost anywhere through your sail. The sail dust is very strong and is therefore placed in the required places in the sail.

Battens: The foil sails have many slats in the sail so that there is a lot of stability during windsurfing. This allows you to achieve better performances, such as setting your own records or even winning a match! The slats are also used for reinforcing the sail

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