5 mm wetsuits

5 mm wetsuits

Buying a winter wetsuit

A wetsuit must be tight but comfortable. This certainly applies to a 6 mm wetsuit. In addition to warmth, comfort also means that you have enough space and that you can easily put your surf suit on and off. Most of the time we advice you to buy a surf wetsuit in the surf shop after you have fitted a number of surf wetsuits. To provide some guidance online, please refer to our size tables, so that you can determine the correct size.

Buy Steamer wetsuit

Steamers are usually 6 or 5 mm thick. The 5/3 is the most common because it can be used almost all year round. From mid-March to the end of November you can surf with it. With a couple of neopreen layers under your wetsuit you can even go through the entire winter. You can buy these winter suits in two types of materials.

Warmth and strenght

The singlelined neoprene is warm, but more vulnerable. The doublelined wetsuits are stronger but cool down faster.

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