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Do you like to make tricks and do you enjoy windsurfing? Then take a look at freestyle windsurfing! This discipline is an extreme form of performing tricks that many people are watching. You can make these tricks on waves or on flat water so that you can use your energy everywhere. You can find a lot of freestyle windsurfers at the nearby beach called Horst. This is because the water is shallow, so you can get on easily after a fall. The chop is also perfect at Horst for making freestyle tricks.

Because you can make a lot of tricks during freestyle windsurfing, you will hit the water hard with your windsurf sail. Freestyle windsurfing sails are therefore made extra sturdy so that they are not broken after making the first trick. This is done by gluing and sewing the monofilm and sail material together. This has created a construction that is almost impossible to destroy. The freestyle windsurf sails are also a lot smaller than the other sails. This is because the freestyle sails should not catch too much wind, if this happens there is the chance that you will get overpowered and therefore cannot make tricks.

We will explain further below what the characteristics of freestyle windsurfing are.

Characteristics of the freestyle sails

Brands: There are many different brands of freestyle windsurfing sails available, which makes the range enormous. Each brand has given its own twist to the sail so that they think it is the best sail you can buy to break personal records or even win competitions! To choose the right sail for you, read the product descriptions carefully so that you know exactly what the features and characteristics of the sail are.

Material: Freestyle sails are made from sail material and monofilm. The sail dust is very strong and can handle the water well. The monofilm that sails ensures that you can keep an eye on the environment. This allows you to keep a close eye on other water sports enthusiasts and to see gusts of wind coming in better.

Battens: The freestyle windsurfing sails have considerably fewer battens compared to the other disciplines. This is done because many slats are used more often in the larger sails. Freestyle sails are a lot smaller and therefore often have 3 or 4 slats in their sail. These slats provide stability and reinforcement to the sail, making windsurfing pleasant.

Masts: You need an RDM mast to be able to windsurf freestyle. This is because the RDM masts are very strong and can handle the hard blows on the water after a trick. The masts have been given a thicker inner wall that provides extra strength compared to the SDM masts that do not have that. There are many different brands and sizes of RDM masts available at Telstar Surf, so there is enough choice for everyone.

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