Inflatable wingfoil boards

Buying a inflatable wingfoil board

Since the emergence of wing foiling, the number of different wing foil boards has increased enormously. The sport can no longer be ignored within water sports and continues to grow. This has resulted in different needs and wishes from users, who also needed an inflatable wingfoil board. Another commonly used term for this is inflatable wing foil board. At Telstar Surf we also offer this type of board, view the range online or in our store.

The differences between inflatable and hard wingfoil boards

There are often discussions about which is better, an inflatable or hard wingfoil board. Whichever you choose, both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. Below you will find them:

The advantages of an inflatable wingsurf board

When you choose an inflatable wingsurf board, there are many advantages. One of the biggest is the size when the board is transported or stored. By letting air run out of the board, it becomes smaller / more compact, ideal if you have less space! And the durability of the inflatable wingsurf boards is also a lot higher compared to the hard version. Bumps and dents are a lot less common because the board is less stiff. Finally, they are also a lot cheaper in price, sometimes up to half of a hard wingsurf board.

The disadvantages of an inflatable wingsurf board

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages to an inflatable wing foil board. As you could have just read, the lower stiffness makes the board less vulnerable, unfortunately this has its downside. Despite the developments, the inflatable boards lag behind in terms of feedback while riding, which is very disadvantageous. The inflatable wing foil boards are also often slightly heavier.

Which brands offer inflatable wing foil boards?

At Telstar Surf you will find inflatable wing foil boards from different brands. You will find STX, JP Australia, Naish, Unifiber, Aztron and Fanatic in the range. Enough choice!

Advice on buying an inflatable wing foil board

Do you need advice or questions about our inflatable wingfoil boards? Please feel free to contact our customer service. They are happy to talk to you!

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    STX iFoil
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  2. 111612_1.jpg
    North Seek Air Foil Board
  3. 113577_1.jpg
    Reedin Ifeather
  4. 111209_1.jpg
    JP Australia Sup Wing Air SE
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    F-One Rocket Air
  6. 116160_1.jpg
    Exocet Free Wing Air
  7. 113701_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Macro Air 2023
    €709.00 Regular Price €1,009.00
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    Naish Wing Foil Hover Inflatable
    €749.00 Regular Price €1,299.00
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