Are you looking for a kneeboard? At Telstar Surf we are happy to help you, read below what you should pay attention to when buying a kneeboard.

With a kneeboard you sit on your knees and the kneeboard is attached with a line to, for example, a boat or cable of a wakeboard track. Then the boat will sail and you will be pulled along and you can perform cool tricks! What could be better than flying over the water on sunny days?

It is important to get on the water well prepared and safe! We therefore recommend that you always wear a life jacket or impact vest. Telstar Surf sells top-quality kneeboard life jackets and impact vests from, among others, ION, Mystic, Duotone and Brunotti.


The purpose of a kneeboard is to stay upright on the water for as long as possible. As explained earlier, you are secured with your knees on the kneeboard by means of a band. The board is pulled by a boat or cable car.

When you first get out on the water with a kneeboard, you will find that you need balance in order not to fall into the water. So it is very important to practice regularly and find a good balance! Once you've mastered this, you can start practicing cool tricks. And if you want to practice your balance at home, you can do that with a balance board.


The biggest difference between kneeboarding and wakeboarding is that you sit a lot lower on the water compared to wakeboarding. That is of course because you sit on the board instead of standing. The advantage of this is that it is easier to keep your balance. In addition, a kneeboard is wider than a wakeboard, so you will get your balance under control faster.

With kneeboarding, the start is easier than with a wakeboard. This makes it easy for everyone to learn the start, making it a super fun water sport for young and old! It is an excellent preparation when the step to wakeboarding or water skiing is still too big.


Kneeboards come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. You have a board for beginners, but of course also for advanced. Below we explain the differences based on our advice, but ultimately choose a kneeboard that you feel comfortable with!


A beginners kneeboard is equipped with a starting hook, which makes it easier to learn to kneeboard. But what exactly is a starting hook? You place the kneeboard handle behind the starting hook, so your hands are free when you start out of the water. Once sailing, you can remove the handle from the starting hook and hold it in your hands. A beginners board is also called a basic board. This type is therefore highly recommended if you are going to practice water sports for the first time. A basic board is thicker, so the board does not react very 'aggressively'. This allows you to get your balance under control and learn the basics of kneeboarding.


An advanced kneeboard does not have a starting hook. Instead, they have a better knee strap and a more comfortable knee bed. You will need this knee pad if, for example, you will jump over the wake and land.

A high end board is recommended if you already have some experience with kneeboarding. These kneeboards are also made of a different material, which means that they are stronger and thinner. Because the board is thinner, the kneeboard reacts more 'aggressively' and you can make more speed towards the waves. This in turn results in making tricks easier for you. Furthermore, these kneeboards have less resistance, so you can turn better!


Are you not feeling well or do you have questions about one of our kneeboards? Please contact us by e-mail or telephone. You are also always welcome in our shop where you will receive expert advice while enjoying a cup of coffee.

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