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Curious about taking the next step in wingsurfing? Meet the indispensable accessory: the wingsurfing harness. We'd like to explain what a wingsurf harness is, and why it can help make wingsurfing just that little bit easier and more comfortable.

What is a wingsurfing harness?

A wingsurf harness is a harness that wingsurfers wear around their bodies. It plays a major role in creating a connection between the wingsurfer and the wingsurfing wing. The harness is worn on the hips, reducing the user's load on the arms.

Why is a wingsurf harness important?

Wearing and wingsurf harness offers several advantages. We highlight them for you below:

Improved control

Because the harness connects the surfer's body to the wing, you can fully focus on controlling the wingsurf board. This results in improved control.

Longer sessions

A well-designed wingsurfing harness distributes the force from the wing evenly, reducing fatigue in your arms during longer wingsurfing sessions.

How to choose the right wingsurf harness?

When selecting a wingsurf harness, comfort and fit are essential. Choose a harness that fits your body snugly, without uncomfortable pressure points. Adjustable buckles and padded materials contribute to a pleasant experience on the water.

What brands of wingsurfing harnesses do you offer?

At Telstar Surf you'll find different wingsurfing harnesses from all kinds of brands. Our assortment includes Mystic, ION and Prolimit, among others.

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    ION Waist Wing Rogue
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