Wave sails

Buying guide for wave windsurfing sails

Do you already feel like going out on the water when you see waves? Then wave windsurfing is for you! Make jumps, sail hard and get the most out of yourself. Wave windsurfing is really known for that! The North Sea in the Netherlands is the ideal place to perform this type of windsurfing. Because the Netherlands does not have extremely high waves, it is also easy to learn wave windsurfing. For the advanced wave windsurfer too, the North Sea is a playful playground where you will not get bored.

To perform this discipline you need a strong sail that can absorb the blows of the waves. These days the wave sails are so strong that they can hardly be destroyed in the toughest conditions. Wave windsurf sails are a lot smaller than an average windsurf sail because there is a lot of wind at sea and you don't want to get overpowered while windsurfing.

We will further explain the characteristics of a wave sail below.

Features of wave sailing

Material: The material used for wave sailing is monofilm and sail fabric. Monofilm is a clear type of plastic that is very strong. Thanks to the monofilm you can keep a close eye on the environment to prevent accidents. The sail fabric is also used for sail boat sails and is very strong, so the impact on your sail has less impact. The wave sails have also received X-Ply, which ensures even more strength so that your sail will not break down very quickly.

Battens: Wave windsurf sails generally have 3 or 4 battens. This amount of slats gives exactly enough stability and reinforcement to the wave sails so that sailing in wave or chop feels comfortable. Without sail slats your sail would collapse because otherwise it has no reinforcement.

Brands: Wave windsurf sails have different brands that all have a different design. For example, one wave sail has more tension or slats than the other sail. Because of this there are an incredible number of wave sails for sale and making a choice may have been made somewhat more difficult. That is why reading the product descriptions is very important because you know exactly what the characteristics are and why the sail is unique.

Mast: The Wave windsurf sails require an RDM mast in almost all cases. The RDM masts are stronger and thicker than the SDM masts. This is because the RDM masts have a thicker inner wall. As a result, the masts do not break so quickly during the fall or during a wave that hits you hard. Telstar Surf has many masts from different brands and in different sizes ready to use. For more advice you can always contact us or drop by in the shop!

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