Wave sails

Wave sails


To be able to surf in the high waves, a sail with specific qualities is needed. Aside from extremely good handling, wavesales must also be idiot proof, for when you get washed off by a wave, or when you fall on top of the sail during one of your radical manoeuvers.

You can roughly distinguish between two sorts of wavesails, one with more or with less power. The extra power in a number of wavesails is needed for the heavier windsurfers and they have the advantage that in onshore conditions you can come easily through the surf.

The wave sails with less power have considerably better handling. This helps with finishing of manoeuvers in the waves and landing from jumps.

In the Telstar Surfshop you can find a large range of wavesails. Many of the wavesails in stock are already set up, so that buying a sail is much easier and enjoyable.

Ultimately, windsurfing on the sea is much more enjoyable if all your windsurf equipment is well matched.

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