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In need of a kite spreaderbar? You can find them at Telstar Surf! With a wide range of kite spreaderbars of different brands, sizes and types, there is guaranteed to be a suitable one. And if you can't get out; please contact us or visit our store!

What do you use a kite spreaderbar for?

A kitesurf harness spreaderbar comes in handy if, for example, you bought a harness that comes without a spreader bar. It is also possible that your current one is worn out or broken. The spreader bar itself is an essential part of your kitesurf harness to which the hook is attached, among other things. It is basically a middle piece between your trapeze shell and chicken loop. Available from the brands Mystic and ION, both online and in our physical shop.

21 Items

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  1. 111518_1.jpg
    Mystic Stealth Bar Gen3 FR
  2. 111516_1.jpg
    Mystic Stealth Bar Gen3 Surf
  3. 111520_1.jpg
    Mystic Stealth Bar Gen3 Kite Black
  4. 111521_1.jpg
    Mystic Stealth Bar Gen 3 Kite Black/White
  5. 108308_1.jpg
    ION Spreader Bar Kite Spectre Slider
  6. 108310_1.jpg
    ION Spreader Bar Kite Spectre
  7. 5071110256_1.jpg
    Mystic Ace Bar Kite
  8. 5071110103_1.jpg
    Mystic Clickerbar 4.0
  9. 5071110130_1.jpg
    Mystic Stealth Bar Surf
    €89.99 Regular Price €119.99
  10. 5071110131_1.jpg
    Mystic Stealth Bar Kite
    €89.99 Regular Price €119.99
  11. 5071110212_1.jpg
    Mystic Stealth Bar Freeride
    €89.99 Regular Price €119.99
  12. 5071110170_1.jpg
    Mystic Stealth Bar Kite Hook
  13. 4062990011_1.jpg
    Mystic Stealth Bar Surf Rope K
  14. 5071110169_1.jpg
    Mystic Clickerbar 5.0 Kite
    €49.99 Regular Price €69.99
  15. 5071110027_1.jpg
    Mystic Basic spreader
  16. 112704_1.jpg
    Mystic Ace Bar - Freeride
  17. 111517_1.jpg
    Mystic Stealth Bar Gen 3 Surf
  18. 111519_1.jpg
    Mystic Stealth Bar Gen 3 FR
  19. 108313_1.jpg
    ION Hook Kite Aluminium
  20. 108315_1.jpg
    ION Hook Kite Stainless Steel
  21. 5071110200_1.jpg
    ION C-Bar 1.0 Kitesurf
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