Kitesurf bars

Buying guide of a kitesurfbar

A kitebar is an important part of your kite surfing set. The focus is on features such as safety, ease of use and sustainability. The bar must also be well-adjusted to your kite. As a rule there are two different bars: a 4-line and 5-line kitebar. Today, they are mainly 4-line kitebar.

Sometimes you can combine a kitebar from brand A with a kite from brand B. That is why in most cases you make the purchase of a bar dependent on the brand and model kite you have. We recommend choosing the same bar and kite brand in most cases, but sometimes it is possible to mix them. In the case of a 4-line bar it is usually easy to do. With a 5-line bar it is somewhat more difficult. Not sure about this? Then please contact us. We are happy to help you!

At Telstar Surf, choose from the most popular kitebar models from brands such as Duotone, Naish, Airush, Ozone, F-One, GA and Cabrinha.

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