Slalom boards

Buying guide of a slalom board

Do you like it when you see them racing neck and neck during the PWA race? Or even better, always wanted to participate and leave all opponents behind ?! Then slalom windsurfing might be something for you!

With slalom you want to sail as fast as possible. In addition, a race board must easily jibe and get into planing quickly or even continue with planing without losing much speed. Slalom competitions are at sea, but also on flat inland water. Control is therefore also an important factor to keep in mind, regardless of the surf spot and circumstances.

Slalom material is relatively large. It looks like Formula material, but is a bit smaller in that proportion. The sail is smaller and the board narrower. Slalom boards can be incredibly hard, a disadvantage is that it is fragile material and somewhat harder to rig.


Because slalom boards have their own specifications, we explain below what those differences are compared to other windsurf boards.

  • The volume of slalom boards are often between 85 and 135 liters
  • A slalom board reacts super fast, so your concentration must be high
  • The slalom boards have an unprecedented combination of control and speed

At Telstar Surf a large number of slalom windsurf boards are available. These slalomboards are from the best brands that are available, think of: Fanatic, JP Australia, Naish, and Starboard.

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