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Are you looking for a windsurf weed fin? Take a look at our wide range of seaweed fins! In the text below we explain when you use a weed fin, what the differences are between a weed fin and a standard windsurf fin, what the rake is of a weed fin and what material a weed fin is made of.

When do you use a windsurf weed fin?

You can use a weed fin in places where there is a lot of weed, such as Strand Horst. The moment you start sailing with a straight fin at such a location, you will notice that your fin often gets stuck behind a tuft of weed. This can cause you to spin out or make it less easy to get into plane. To prevent this, special seaweed fins have been put on the market.

Windsurf weed fins vs. standard fins

As described above, weed fins are specially made for surfing in places where a lot of weed grows on the bottom. If you like to windsurf in these kinds of places, a seaweed fin is highly recommended. But what makes weeder fins different from normal windsurf fins? The biggest difference between a normal windsurf fin and a seaweed fin is the so-called rake.

The rake of a seaweed fin

The rake is actually the angle the windsurfing fin makes measured from the front of the fin in relation to the board. This means that if the windsurf fin makes an angle of 90° with respect to the board, we speak of a rake angle of 0° degrees. If the rake angle is between 30° and 50° degrees, we are talking about a weed fin. The rake has a fairly large influence on the amount of lift a fin gives. Windsurfing fins therefore generally give less lift than windsurfing fins that have a smaller rake angle. As a result, you will often have to sail a weed fin a bit larger to generate the same lift as a normal windsurf fin. But this is also very dependent on which weed fin it is.

The material of a windsurf weed fin

Since seaweed fins generally generate less lift, they are made a lot thicker in profile. The material from which the windsurfing fins are made is often G10, Carbon or nowadays also a G10-Carbon composite. These materials are stiff enough. If a weed fin is not stiff enough, this will cause a lot of spin-outs. This is because the pressure point of the fin is further back than with a straight windsurf fin. You can therefore often sail with a lot less pressure on the back foot than with a straight windsurf fin. There are several brands that make windsurfing fins. The brands that we sell at Telstar Surf are, for example, Unifiber or Tribal.

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    Select Perform. Weed DTUB
  2. 115346_1.jpg
    Tribal WeedMax Tu
  3. 4034550013_1.jpg
    Unifiber Anti-Weed Less G10 TUB
  4. 4034550017_1.jpg
    Tribal Delta Weed TU
  5. 4034330001_1.png
    Tribal Weedspeed PB
  6. 4034550002_1.jpg
    Tribal Weedspeed deep tuttle
  7. 4034330009_1.jpg
    Unifiber Anti-Weed Less. G10 PB
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    Unifiber Anti weed G10/Car.TB
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  9. 4034330007_1.jpg
    Tribal Super Weed PB
  10. 4034330013_1.jpg
    Tribal Delta Weed PB
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    Tribal Weedspeed Tuttle
  12. 4034550005_1.png
    Tribal Superweedvin TU
  13. 4034550012_1.jpg
    Unifiber Weed Slasher G10 TUB
  14. 4034300003_1.png
    Select Performance Weed PB
  15. 4034500003_1.png
    Select Perfomance Weed TUB
  16. 4034330008_1.jpg
    Unifiber Weed Slasher G10 PB
  17. 4034990001_1.jpg
    Unifiber Weed Slasher G10 USB
  18. 112419_1.jpg
    Select Power Delta DTU
  19. 112420_1.jpg
    Select Power Delta PB
  20. 4034550015_1.jpg
    Select Delta MAX 2.0 TUB
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