Freestyle boards


Freestyling is popular with a small group of windsurfers. Young wind surfers in particular find it a challenge to perform tricks such as Shaka's, Spock's, Eslider's etc. on the water. On flat water or in small waves they try to smoothly connect these types of moves to impress each other or even a jury.

Strand Horst is a surf spot where many freestyle windsurfers practice. The flat water is a big advantage for the freestylers. In addition, the spot is just knee-deep for miles, which makes it easy to get back on after a failed move and practice a lot.

Freestyleboard features:

  • The boards have a flat scoop - rocker line, which makes them accelerate very quickly.
  • Freestyle boards are wide for the necessary stability and planing capacity.
  • Many boards also have sharp rails at the bottom of the rail to make slides possible.
  • The foot straps are positioned in the middle of the board for more control while making your trick.
  • You can easily pop a freestyle board out of the water to make air tricks.

The range at Telstar Surf consists of freestyle boards from: Severne Sails, Fanatic, Starboard, Tabou and JP Australia. A freestyle board will not be comfortable sailing in the waves. Sailing a long blast like you can do with a freeride board is also not very pleasant on a freestyle board. This group of boards are made very specifically for the moves on flat water.

In addition to the freestyle boards, there are also wave freestyle boards. These sail well in the waves and are suitable for making freestyle moves.

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