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Are you a real lover of speed and do you like nothing more than racing over the water as quickly as possible? Then slalom and racing fins are the perfect addition to your windsurfing set. A windsurf slalom or race fin can make the difference between breaking your own records and breaking high speed records. The right windsurf fin ensures that you can get that little bit of extra speed from your windsurf board compared to, for example, a freeride fin.

How are windsurf slalom and race fins made

Race and slalom fins are often straight-cut in shape and are almost always made of G10 or Carbon. Because slalom and racing windsurf fins are very stiff, they can create high speeds. The balance between the stiffness at the top of the fin and the twist at the tip of the fin ensures that you can achieve optimal lift. The twist at the bottom of your windsurf fin ensures that with a higher load on the slalom or race fin, the lift decreases so that the board does not take off and becomes uncontrollable.

In addition to the shape, the thickness of the fin is also very important for the sailing characteristics. Longer, thicker windsurf fins plan quickly because they create a lot of lift. But the moment the wind blows harder, this will ensure that you have less control. As a result, with more wind, a thinner, shorter slalom or race fin is often chosen. These will give you the control you need in high winds. Slalom fins vary in length between 28 and 48 cm. Windsurf Race/Formula fins can sometimes be up to 70 cm long

Features of the windsurf slalom and racing fins

  • Can reach high speeds
  • Have a high flex
  • Are often made of G10 Carbon
  • Are very forgiving

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    Select S1 G10 TUB
  2. 110350_1.jpg
    Select The Blade T-box
  3. 4033550031_1.jpg
    Tribal MK2 Sl. Carbon TU
  4. 110334_1.jpg
    Select S-Max Tuttle box
  5. 110333_1.jpg
    Select S-Max Power box
  6. 110351_1.jpg
    Select S-Max Deep-T box
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    Select The Blade DT-box
  8. 4033550035_1.jpg
    Drake Ready to Race Tu-Box
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    Tribal Slalom MK1 Deep Tu
  10. 4033550023_1.jpg
    Select S1 PRO TUB
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  11. 4033500040_1.png
    Tribal MK1 Slalom TU
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    Select Edge PRO PB
  13. 4033300005_1.jpg
    Select Elite S1 Hi-Wind PB
  14. 4033550022_1.jpg
    Select Rhino PRO DTUB
  15. 4033550021_1.jpg
    Select Rhino PRO TUB
  16. 4033500041_1.png
    Tribal SYM Speed Tuttle
  17. 4033550026_1.jpg
    Select S1 G10 DTUB
  18. 112422_1.jpg
    Select Rhino PRO P-Box
  19. 105255_1.jpg
    Select S1 G10 PB
  20. 110331_1.jpg
    Select The Blade P-box
  21. 110336_1.jpg
    Select R-Max Deep-T box
  22. 110339_1.jpg
    Select Ride Tahe P-box
  23. 110340_1.jpg
    Select Ride Tahe T-box
  24. 110341_1.jpg
    Select Ride Tahe DT-box
  25. 100517_1.jpg
    Drake R13 iFOIL
  26. 4033500015_1.jpg
    Select Elite S1 Hi-Wind TUB
  27. 4033500024_1.jpg
    Select Hotrod tuttle box
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