Surf boots

Buying guide for surf shoes

Surfing shoes are in some cases a must during windsurfing, kite surfing, supping or other water sport activities. It is important to know if the surf shoe fits well and feels comfortable before you use it. We therefore advise you to come fit in the Telstar Surf store or to do this independently at home.

When purchasing surf shoes, there are a number of things to look out for. We briefly describe the most important points for attention.

You should pay attention to this when purchasing surf shoes

First of all it is important to check when and why you will use a surf shoe. Surf shoes can be used for extra warmth or protection.

If you want to buy a surf shoe against the cold, we recommend fitting a surf boat or surf sock with a thickness between 3 and 7 millimeters, initially how cold it is. 3 mm surf shoes are more suitable for summer to spring and autumn and the surf cleaners with thicker neoprene for spring and autumn to winter. Pay attention! With a thicker surf shoe you have less board feeling. This means that you feel that you are less in contact with your board. When choosing a warmer surf shoe you always make a concession in board feeling.

Are you looking for a surf shoe for the summer purely for protection? Then a low surf shoe is a perfect choice. When you find it important that the surf shoe protects your feet, it is important to take the surf spot into account. Is this on inland waterways where there are few or no sharp objects? Then a surf shoe with a normal rubber sole is sufficient. Is this with a reef or mussel bed? Then you can look at a surf shoe with a kevlar sole. Kevlar soles are not only many times stronger, but also more durable.

What determines the comfort of a surf shoe?

Surf shoes are available in split toe, round toe and possibly with a strap. It is important to fit the different shoes in advance to see what suits you best.

The surf shoes with split toe have more boardfeeling compared to the round toe. This is because, just like with flip flops, there is a piece of rubber between the big toe and the rest of the toes. This makes it less easy to twist your foot inside the shoe.

If you don't like your flip flops, then a surf shoe with a split toe is probably not the shoe for you. Then we recommend to look for a round toe surf shoe. These are generally a bit more comfortable.

For surfers, surf shoes with a strap can be very nice because it presses the heel a bit tighter into the shoe. For surfers, a surf shoe with a strap is not recommended because it will get stuck between the foot and the kitestrap and therefore does not feel comfortable.

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