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Are you looking for wingfoil parts? Did a wingfoil part break off? Have you lost a wingfoil part? Are you looking for spare wingfoil parts? Or are you looking for an extra frontwing to make your wingfoil set more versatile? Then you're at Telstar surf to the right place! 

At Telstar Surf you can find all your wingfoil spare parts. We sell several wingfoil parts of different brands. The wingfoil parts include a frontwing, backwing, wingfoil mast and fuselage. With these wingfoil parts you expand your set so you can wingfoil in different circumstances!

Wingfoil part: wingfoil frontwing

The large wing at the front of the wingfoil is called the frontwing. The frontwing is a wingfoil part that can't be missed! The frontwing provides elevator and lifts you out of the water. The bigger the frontwing is on the wingfoil, the more elevator you will have and the faster you will be lifted out of the water. Ideal for low winds. The smaller the frontwing, the more maneuverable and playful. Perfect for when the wind is a bit stronger. 

The size of a frontwing for wingsurfing is calculated in square centimeters. If you are going to wingsurf, it is recommended to choose a foil with a frontwing between 1600 and 2500. Are you a total beginner? Then a wingfoil between 2000 and 2500 is a perfect choice. Your own weight also plays a role in making the right choice.

Wingfoil part: High aspect wingfoil

A high aspect wingfoil can be compared to a glider wing. It is much wider but less deep than a standard foil and more streamlined. Again, the frontwing, an important wingfoil component, cannot be missing. Because you have less resistance in the water with this type of foil, you have a higher end speed. The big disadvantage is that a high aspect wingfoil is less smooth through turns and can feel a bit restless. If you are a complete beginner or want to sail at sea, we do not recommend a high aspect wingfoil part. Do you mainly want to go fast? Then a high aspect foil is definitely for you! Below we have put together an overview of what high aspect frontwings you can consider based on your weight and experience. 

Wingfoil part: Backwing wingfoil

Of course a backwing can't be missing as a wingfoil part! The backwing on your wingfoil provides stability and keeps your board on course. The bigger the backwing, the more stable the whole set will feel. With a smaller backwing on your wingfoil you will notice that your whole set feels more playful. Whatever parts you choose, always make sure the frontwing and backwing are balanced. 

Wingfoil part: fuselage 

Just like the frontwing and backwing, a fuselage as wingfoil part should not be missing. An average wingfoil fuselage is 65 centimeters long. The fuselage provides the connection between your frontwing, mast and backwing. The shorter the fuselage on your wing foil, the more maneuverable your foil becomes. However, a shorter Fuselage will make your wing foil less stable. If you go for a longer fuselage, your wingfoil will feel more stable and you will notice that the wingfoil gives more elevator, but it will also be less maneuverable. 

Wingfoil parts: wingfoil mast?

The mast of the foil provides the connection between your foil and board and determines how high you can get out of the water. On a lake or inland water, 75 cm is a good length for a wingfoil mast. This will help you in most conditions. Are you planning on wingfoiling at sea? Then you better look at a wingsurf foil of 90 cm. Of course, the depth of the water is also important. You obviously don't want your wingfoil to hit the ground. Are you going to wingboard in shallow water? Then look for a shorter mast. 

Advice on buying wingfoil parts

Are you missing parts or do you have a question about which wingfoil parts you need? Feel free to contact the surf shop at Telstar Surf! We like to think along with you so you can get back on the water quickly with your new wingfoil parts.

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  1. Tail Wing RAZR 220
    Starboard Tail Wing RAZR 220
  2. 112649_1.jpg
    Naish Carbon Foil Fuselage
  3. Carbon HA Front Wing
    Naish Carbon HA Front Wing
  4. Carbon MA  Front wing
    Naish Carbon MA Front wing
  5. 112644_1.jpg
    Naish Fuselage
  6. 112643_1.jpg
    Naish Mast Alu. V2
  7. Stealth V4 Fuselage
    AK Stealth V4 Fuselage
  8. 111231_1.jpg
    Reedin Flight Attendant Fr.Wing
  9. 111230_1.jpg
    Fanatic Front Wing Aero Carve
  10. 111229_1.jpg
    Fanatic Back Wing
  11. 111228_1.jpg
    Fanatic Front Wing Aero Free
  12. 111227_1.jpg
    Fanatic Front Wing Aero Lift
  13. 110727_1.jpg
    Naish Jet MA Front Wing
  14. 110726_1.jpg
    Naish Foil Mast Alu - DT
  15. 110725_1.jpg
    Naish Foil Mast alu
  16. 110724_1.jpg
    Naish Foil Mast Carbon 35
  17. 110723_1.jpg
    Naish Foil Mast Carbon 100
  18. 109051_1.jpg
    Fanatic Foilpart Back Wing Aero High Aspect
  19. 109050_1.jpg
    Fanatic Front Wing Aero High Aspect
  20. 109048_1.jpg
    Fanatic Foilpart Front Wing Aero
  21. 108707_1.jpg
    AK Mast Carbon
  22. 108706_1.jpg
    AK Mast V3 Alu
  23. 108705_1.jpg
    AK Wing Plasma
  24. 108704_1.jpg
    AK Wing Tracer

Items 1-24 of 59

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