Mini cruisers

Mini cruisers

Buying a Mini Cruiser 

A mini cruiser is your ideal travel companion. These boards have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Because of its small size, you can easily take it anywhere, such as the train, bus or classroom, and you can also easily store the mini cruiser. The manoeuvring character makes it a joy to cruise with. Mini cruisers and Pennyboards are therefore very versatile!

What do you look for when buying a Mini Cruiser?

Mini cruisers are made of different materials. In addition, there are different lengths available, you have differences in the wheel sizes, in the wheelbase and the kicks and trucks differ. Also the deck of a penny board can have different colors and materials. You can read more about this below.

Mini Cruiser v. Pennyboard Material 

Mini cruisers are made of different materials. The boards are made of plastic or wood. A mini-cruiser made of plastic is also called a Penny Board. The big advantage of plastic is that these boards are lightweight and therefore ideal for transportation. Do you choose a wooden mini cruiser? These are often larger than the penny boards and go more in the direction of a longboard. So you could say that a mini cruiser, made of wood, is a lighter version of a longboard.

Mini Cruiser Length 

Mini cruisers are small and therefore easy to carry around. The smaller sizes often even fit in your bag! The sizes vary between 22 and 32", which is equal to 56 to 82 cm. A board with the length of 32" corresponds to the length of a classic skateboard.

Mini Cruiser Wheels 

The wheels of a mini cruiser are larger than those of a classic skateboard. Because of this, you will experience more stability and have more grip on the road. In addition, the wheels are softer than classic skateboard wheels. This allows you to cruise comfortably with your mini cruiser. The wheels usually have a hardness of 78 to 82A and are between 60 and 65mm in size.

Mini Cruiser Wheelbase 

Due to the short distance between the wheels, a mini cruiser is an incredibly maneuverable board. There are differences in this. Keep in mind that the closer the wheels are together, the more maneuverable the board becomes, but also the more unstable it will feel.

Mini Cruiser Kicks 

Most mini cruisers are equipped with a kicktail. This allows you to make awesome jumps! Some mini cruisers are also equipped with a Nose kick or a Double kick.

Mini Cruiser Trucks

With longboards, rkp trucks are used, which provide a lot of steering power. With mini cruisers, they often use tkp trucks. These are less maneuverable, but this is compensated by the short wheelbase.


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