Women's neotops

Buying guide for women's neoprene T-shirts

A women's neoprene T-shirt can be used under a wetsuit for more warmth such as a 5 mm wetsuit or if your lycra is just too cold. There are a couple of things to look out for before purchasing a women's neoprene t-shirt. We will further explain what these are below.

What to look for when purchasing a neoprene t-shirt for women

Size: The size of your ladies neoprene t-shirt must be right. When a neoprene t-shirt does not fit properly to your body, water can enter your wetsuit more easily, so you will get cold faster. Therefore, check that your neoprene t-shirt fits well, this can be done in the Telstar Surf shop or at home.

Thickness: The thicker your neoprene t-shirt is, the warmer you will have it. If you are going out in less warm waters, we recommend that you purchase a thicker millimeter unit for the best experience.

Sleeves: The neoprene t-shirts for women are available with short or long sleeves. Are you planning to go on the water in colder areas? Then take the long-sleeved version. For warmer places we recommend using the short-sleeved lycra shirts.

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