Mast extensions

Mast extensions

Buying a Windsurf mast extender

The windsurf mast extender is an important part between the mast and the baseplate. It is in fact a coupling piece and should definitely not be missing!

We make a distinction between an SDM mast extender and an RDM mast extender. Depending on the type of mast you are sailing, you should choose the type of extender.

Which length of mast extender do I need?

The windsurf mast extenders are available in different sizes and can be easily adjusted. To choose the right size you have to take the luff size of your sail minus the mast size. If the size does not match it is best to round up.

For example: if you have a luff of 479, you will use a 460 mast. Subtract 460 from 479 and you get 19 centimeters. This means that you need a mast extender that is not much bigger than 19 centimeters. In this case, a 30cm mast extender would be perfect, because now you also have some room for adjustment.

Advice on buying a windsurf mast extender

You can't figure it out? Or do you have doubts? Please contact us or come by in our surfshop!

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  1. 114542_1.jpg
    Unifiber HD RDM Alu Mast ext.
  2. 114541_1.jpg
    Unifiber HD RDM Carbon Mast ext.
  3. 4041100023_1.jpg
    Prolimit Verlenger Gatverst.
  4. 100683_1.jpg
    Duotone Dyneema rope 4.5
  5. 4041100038_1.jpg
    Severne Sails HD Extension SDM
  6. 4041100039_1.png
    Severne Sails Wave Grenada Carbon
  7. 4041110089_1.jpg
    Duotone Power XT 2.0 SDM
  8. 100678_1.jpg
    Duotone Power XT 2.0 RDM
  9. 106264_1.jpg
    Unifiber RDM Elite V2
  10. 106266_1.jpg
    Unifiber RDM Elite V2 Carbon
  11. 106267_1.jpg
    Unifiber SDM Elite V2 Carbon
  12. 106265_1.jpg
    Unifiber SDM Elite V2
  13. 4041110092_1.jpg
    Duotone Uni XT SDM
  14. 4041110011_1.jpg
    Unifiber SDM HD alu extens. (Upin)
    €67.95 Regular Price €79.95
  15. 4041110083_1.jpg
    Gaastra Pro extension RDM
    €89.95 Regular Price €139.00
  16. 101167_1.jpg
    Goya Pro Carbon RDM ext
  17. 4041110082_1.jpg
    Point-7 Dbl pully alu RDM
  18. 4041110084_1.jpg
    Gaastra Pro extension SDM
    €89.95 Regular Price €139.00
  19. 4041110025_1.jpg
    Unifiber SDM V2 Base
  20. 4041110076_1.jpg
    Unifiber Mast Ext. V3 SDM
    €59.95 Regular Price €74.95
  21. 4041110075_1.jpg
    Point-7 Double cleat RDM
  22. 4041100001_1.jpg
    Tiki Trim adaptor SDM
  23. 4041110012_1.jpg
    Unifiber RDM HD alu extension
    €64.95 Regular Price €74.95
  24. 4041100021_1.jpg
    Prolimit RDM adapter
  25. 4041110072_1.jpg
    Point-7 Dbl Pully alu SDM
  26. 4041110060_1.jpg
    Severne Sails Triple Extension HD
  27. 4041110044_1.jpg
    Unifiber RDM V2 alu (U pin)
    €49.95 Regular Price €57.50
  28. 4041110033_1.jpg
    Tiki Trim adapter RDM
  29. 4041110027_1.jpg
    Unifiber Mast Ext. V2 SDM
    €49.95 Regular Price €57.50
  30. 4041110039_1.jpg
    Loftsails TE Extension RDM
  31. 4041110030_1.jpg
  32. 4041110032_1.jpg
    Loftsails TE Extension SDM
  33. 4099990074_1.jpg
    Tiki Kiddy adaptor
  34. 109785_1.jpg
    North Sails RDM Alloy Extension
  35. 109786_1.jpg
    North Sails MDM Alloy Extension
  36. 109788_1.jpg
    North Sails RDM Carbon Extension
  37. 4041100027_1.jpg
    Prolimit RDM skinny ALU
  38. 4041100041_1.jpg
    Severne Sails Wave Grenade ALU
  39. 4041110090_1.jpg
    Duotone Uni XT SLS
  40. 4041110051_1.jpg
    Duotone Carb Xtender Plat RDM
  41. 4041110087_1.jpg
    Duotone Power XT 2.0 SLS RDM
  42. 4041110091_1.jpg
    Duotone Uni XT RDM
  43. 4041110052_1.jpg
    Duotone Carb Xtender Plat SDM
  44. 4041110078_1.jpg
    Severne Sails Extension Carbon SDM
  45. 4041110074_1.jpg
    Point-7 Carbon Extension SDM
  46. 105339_1.jpg
    Severne Sails SDM EXTENSION iQFOIL
  47. 4041100030_1.jpg
    Neilpryde MXT aluminium SDM
  48. 4041110073_1.jpg
    Point-7 Carbon Extension RDM
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