Kite leashes

Kite leashes

What do you pay attention to when purchasing a kiteleash?

A reliable kiteleash is a must-have for every kite surfer. We sell kite leashes from major brands, including Mystic and ION. To easily buy a kiteleash, read below a few features of a kiteleash that you should look out for.

Length of the leash

Freeriders like a short leash because it doesn't get in the way. With unhooked moves, a short lease weather is not handy. Most kiteleashes are approximately one meter long. This is a very all-round length that actually works great for every kite surfer. Some wakestyle kite surfers prefer an extra long kite leash.


The basis of a kite leash consists of a polyester strap. This can especially feel rough on your bare legs (especially with burnt skin). Some kiteleashes are finished with neoprene, which feels better on your legs.

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