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Freemove boards

Buy a freemove windsurfboard 

Are you looking for a freemove windsurf board? Then Telstar surf is the right place for you! With a big collection of freemove windsurfboards you will always find a suitable freewave board. The freemove boards are the ideal bump and jump boards during storm days or when you want to combine different windsurfing styles. 

What is a freemove windsurf board?

A freemove windsurf board is a mix of freeride windsurfing and freestyle windsurfing. In many cases or by different brands also called the freewave category. To give you an idea of what freemove windsurfboards are you can compare it with a compact board which has less volume and is very manoeuvrable. Perfect for those days when the wind blows a bit harder, to be able to freeride with a very manoeuvrable board. This makes it possible to make a few jumps, practice a lot of tricks and jibe. Nothing is too crazy! With the freemove boards, a day at the seaside will also be a great choice.’ The freemove boards are real all-rounders. A freemove windsurfboard is a perfect all-round board on which you can develop yourself for a long time. They are the ideal boards for when you want to specialize in freestyle, wave or the combination in the future.

Specifications freemove windsurf board

The freemove windsurfboards are a combination of a freeride board and a freestyle board. Freemove boards are wide, long and thin. The freemove boards lie higher in the water, which results in them having excellent performance as comfort, playfulness and manoeuvrability. You will also notice that it is very easy to plane with this freemove windsurfboard. Despite all the sportive characteristics a freemove windsurfboard is also very comfortable and manoeuvrable which makes it very multifunctional.

Advice at purchasing a freemove windsurfboard

When you are looking for an allround windsurf board to plan your first jumps with, a freemove board is the ideal choice. Often these boards are bought as an option to sail in strong winds. The freemove windsurfboards are usually found between 95 and 125 litres. Therefore this is a good choice as an extra board next to your freeride board. The freemove boards can be recognised by their wide outlines, low volume, short lengths and soft rail structures.

Need help finding a freemove board?

Did you become enthusiastic about freemove windsurfing but you still have some questions? Then don't hesitate to contact us! We are more than happy to answer all your questions.



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    Goya One 3 Pro
  2. 109897_1.jpg
    JP Australia Freestyle Wave ES
    JP Australia
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    Severne Sails Dyno HD
    Severne Sails
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    Naish Starship
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    Fanatic FreeWave
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    Fanatic FreeWave TE
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    Tabou 3S Plus LTD 2021
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    Severne Sails Pyro
    Severne Sails
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    JP Australia Freestyle Wave LXT
    €1,725.00 Regular Price €2,299.00
    JP Australia
  10. 4000220072_1.jpg
    Severne Sails Dyno 3
    Severne Sails

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