Kite waist harnesses

Buying guide of a kite waist harness

When purchasing a kite set, it is also important to choose a good harness. You have different types of kite harnesses, from sitting harnesses to waist harnesses. The most common harness within the kite world is the waist harness. The advantage of the waist harness is that you have a greater momentum compared to the water. This makes it easier to handle. The waist harness also gives you more freedom and less rotation during your jumps.

Sizes of kite hip harness

The following is important: do not buy too large a harness harness, because as soon as hip harnesses slide up they are not comfortable. When fitting a waist harness it is important to pay attention to any pressure points. If you already feel this while fitting, you can imagine that this is certainly the case after a few hours of kiting. Therefore make sure that you go for a kite waist harness where the pressure on your body is nicely evenly distributed.

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