Kite waist harnesses

Buying guide for a Kite waist harness

Are you struggling with buying a kite waist harness? Then the Telstar Surf crew will help you out! With a wide range of harnesses, we will find a suitable one in no time, this you will be standing on the water with the right harness.
Fun fact what you may not have known yet: a kite harness can also be used for windsurfing, but not the other way around! So if you want to buy one harness for both sports, it is best to go for a kite harness.

There are different types of kite harnesses, from seat harnesses to waist harnesses. The most commonly used harness within the kite industry is the waist harness. The advantage of the waist harness is that you have better momentum in relation to the water. This makes it easier to handle. With a waist harness you also have more freedom making it easier to make tricks and jumps.

Different waist harnesses

There are many different harnesses for sale. But what should you pay attention to when purchasing a harness? In addition to the dimensions, you can, for example, look at the shape and fitting, the backplate and also the type of spreader bar are good to look at. Ultimately, all these factors determine whether you are comfortable on the water or not. Trust us if we say that a harness which is not comfortable will ruin your entire session.

What size waist harness do I need

When purchasing a harness, the most important thing is that it is comfortable. It is important that a harness fits well, compare it with your wetsuit. If a wetsuit does not fit properly, its function is lost. The same goes for a harness. A harness must fit well, do not buy a harness that is too big, because as soon as a waist harness is too big, it will slide up during every single session. This causes a lot of stress and irritation and does not fit well at all! When in doubt between two sizes, we always take the smaller one, because a harness that is too loose will slide; and you certainly don't want that!

It is also important to pay attention to any pressure when fitting a hip harness. If you already feel this during your test before getting on the water, then you can imagine that this is quite annoing. Therefore, make sure you go for a kite waist harness where the pressure on your body is nicely evenly distributed.

When in doubt: visit the store! A waist harness must fit well in combination with your body, so you may have to try several before you know which one is right. You will also receive personal advice from one of our specialists while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Different backplates in a waist harness

In our range we distinguish between three different backplates; hard, medium and soft. But what are the pros and cons?

  • Hardshell waist harness: The hardshell harness offers the most support. As the name implies, a hardshell harness is hard and stiff. This keeps the harness retaining its shape during kiting. The biggest advantage is the support that the harness provides. However, the disadvantage is that they also immediately become a lot more expensive and, if the harness does not fit well, they can quickly become annoying because the harness does not yield.
  • Softshell waist harness: The softshell harnesses are very comfortable due to the softer backplate. The harness forms to the fit of your body so that the harness generally fits well. However, you will experience less support in addition to a hardshell. If you are looking for a lot of freedom of movement in a harness, a softshell is an excellent choice! Also when travelling often. With a softshell harness you can put it in the bag just a little bit easier.

Which spreader bar do you need

There are generally two types of spreader bars, one with a slider and one with a hook. With most harnesses you will receive a standard spreader bar, which is completely fine! But if you are looking for a slider bar, they can always be purchased separately. The slider bar is often used by people on foil or directional boards. Are you playing in the waves or standing quite some time on your foil board? Then a spreader bar with a slider will give you more freedom in terms of movement and abilities.

Brands of waist harnesses

At Telstar Surf you will find different brands of waist harnesses. Choose the brand that suits you well! Each brand uses its own shape, such as: Brunotti, Duotone, ION, Manera, Mystic & Prolimit. Take a look in our (online) shop!

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