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Are you looking for a skimboard, but don't know exactly what a skimboard is and what its purpose is? Find out everything about a skimboard below! With a skimboard you can surf on a thin layer of water, on the beach or in a puddle. You don't like to sunbathe for hours on end and want to do something active on the beach? Then take a look at our skimboards. Telstar Surf sells among others skimboards of the brand Victoria Skimboards.

What is the purpose of a skimboard?

The aim of a skimboard is to stay on the skimboard for as long as possible. As soon as there is a thin layer of water on the beach, you throw your surf skimboard forward, run after it and jump on the skimboard. Timing plays an important role when using a skimboard.

What should I pay attention to when buying a skimboard?

Before you buy a skimboard, it is very important to take a number of things into account. Think about the types of skimboards, the size and the tail of the skimboard. As soon as you have bought the ideal skimboard, you will enjoy your skimboard for a long time! Below, we explain per category what to look out for when buying a skimboard.

Types of skimboards

There are two types of skimboards to choose from, namely a skimboard made of foam or wood.

  • Skimboard foam: A board made of foam is lighter, more flexible and thicker in comparison to a wooden skimboard. The main advantage is that the skimboard floats on the waves more easily. In addition, a surf skimboard made of foam is more suitable for average to advanced riders, because with a surfboard made of foam you can also surf towards the waves.
  • Wooden skimboard: A wooden board is heavier in comparison to a board made of foam. Because of this, wooden surfboards have less buoyancy. We therefore recommend that you only use a wooden skimboard in shallow water. In addition, a wooden board is more suitable for beginners, as it helps you to stand up well in shallow water. However, a wooden skimboard is also ideal to buy if you regularly perform tricks with your board, for example on rails, because the wood is stronger and better able to withstand them.

What is the right size for a skimboard?

The size of a skimboard strongly depends on several factors like your length, weight, experience, style and speed. Some surfers also have their own preference for a small or big board.

Our advice for beginning surfers is to buy a bigger skimboard. Why do we give this advice? Because with a bigger skimboard it is easier to practise your balance than on a smaller board. In addition, a larger board can support your weight better, so that you learn faster how to do skimboarding.

Our advice for experienced surfers is to buy a smaller skimboard. We give this advice because smaller boards are more manoeuvrable. Because of this, you can also practice nice tricks with them!

Tail of the skimboard

Besides the type of skimboard and the size of the board, you should not forget to look at the tail of the board. The tail means the 'tail' of the skimboard. There are three types of tail, namely the pin tail, square tail and W-tail.

  • Pin tail: The pin tail offers a good balance in the water. Beginners often choose a pin tail to get the balance under control.
  • Square tail: The square tail stimulates the agility of the board. Advanced riders often choose a square or W-tail, because tricks are easier to perform.
  • W-tail: The W-tail, like the square tail, also stimulates the board's dexterity. Advanced riders usually choose a W-tail or square tail, because tricks are easier to perform.

The rocker of the skimboard

Besides the fact that it is very important to look at the tail of the board, you should also look at the rocker of the skimboard. There are two kinds of rockers, namely the Shallow rocker and the Streeper rocker.

  • Shallow rocker: The Shallow rocker has a flatter nose and is therefore more suitable for calm water. This allows you to reach more speed.
  • Streeper rocker: The Streeper rocker has a curved nose, which makes this board more suitable for surfing over wavy water.

Twintip skimboard

There are also twintip skimboards, where the nose and tail have the same shape. This has the advantage that you can surf in both directions with the board. The two most common twintip shapes are Streamline and Proto.

  • Streamline: The Streamline shape offers more manoeuvrability than a Proto shape. Many beginning surfers choose this shape, because you quickly get used to the skimboard and develop a feeling for skimboarding.
  • Proto: The Proto shape offers more stability compared to the Streamline shape. Advanced skimboarders often choose this shape, because stability is very important when performing tricks.

Advice on buying a skimboard

After reading the information, do you still find it difficult to decide which skimboard is right for you? Or do you have another question? The employees at Telstar Surf are gladly ready for you! Please contact us by mail or by phone.

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