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Looking for a new wave or freestyle windsurf fin for under your beloved board? Then you are in good hands with Telstar Surf. With our extensive range there is plenty to choose from!

Although wave and freestyle fins look similar, there are also differences. In any case, they are very different from the standard windsurf fins. Below you can read about the similarities and differences between wave and freestyle fins.

Windsurf wave fins

A wave fin often has a very distinctive shape. They are short fins with a curved tip. The main priority of the curve is providing grip in the water. The shorter the fin is; the less resistance you will have in the water. Having little resistance makes you more manoeuvrable. The downside of this is that you can quickly end up in a spin out. So it's about the balance between being agile and still keeping grip in the waves.

Windsurf wave fins often come in sets of 2, 3 or even 4 fins. Because wave fins are relatively short, they have less grip in the water. As soon as you use multiple wave fins you will notice that the grip increases and you sacrifice less on maneuverability and performance compared to one very long fin. Wave fin lengths vary between 19 and 25 cm.

Features of the windsurf wave fins

  • Perfect for windsurfing in the waves
  • Short fin with a curve at the end
  • Length varies between 19 and 25 cm
  • An agile fin that allows you to make fast turns
  • A low top speed

Freestyle windsurf fins

Like a wave fin, a freestyle fin is short. Also with a freestyle fin, the lengths vary between 19 and 25 cm. The outline is often short, somewhat thicker-shaped and rounder at the end. Short windsurf fins generally plan less quickly, but by adjusting the outline of the freestyle fins in this way, these fins still plane relatively quickly. The reason that freestyle fins are made so short is because very cool tricks are done during freestyling. With these tricks you often see a lot of rotation or long sideways sliding movements. If a freestyle fin was too long, it would create too much resistance in the water or it would hit the water every time its being in the air.

Features of a windsurf freestyle vin

  • Perfect for freestyle windsurfing tricks
  • Short, thicker fin that often has a somewhat rounder shape at the end
  • Length varies between 19 and 25 cm
  • Planing in combination with a freestyle set relatively quickly compared to other short fins
  • A low top speed

Windsurf fin box

When purchasing fins, it is important to check which fin box you have on your surfboard. This ultimately determines which fins can go under your board, so it's good to pay attention to this!

Advice when purchasing wave and freestyle fins

Do you know which freestyle or wave fins you need? View our extensive range. Do you need some help? No worries! Please do not hesitate to ask for advice from our employees. This can be done online but also in the physical shop.

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  1. 111221_1.jpg
    Select X1 V4 10 Mini TuB
  2. 4030990019_1.jpg
    Select X1 V4 PB
  3. 102619_1.jpg
    MFC Freestyle GE PB
  4. 4030990015_1.jpg
    Select FW Fast Wave SlB
  5. 112423_1.jpg
    Select X1 V4 Slot Box
  6. 4030990010_1.jpg
    Unifiber Wave G10 PB
  7. 4030110002_1.jpg
    Unifiber Wave G10 US B
  8. Fin Tri Center (US)
    MFC Fin Tri Center (US)
  9. Fin Quad Side Slot (2pcs)
    MFC Fin Quad Side Slot (2pcs)
  10. Fin Quad Center Slot (2pcs)
    MFC Fin Quad Center Slot (2pcs)
  11. Fin Tri Center (Power)
    MFC Fin Tri Center (Power)
  12. Freein F_Wave (Power)
    MFC Freein F_Wave (Power)
  13. 110349_1.jpg
    Select Fastwave Tu-box
  14. 4031330002_1.jpg
    Unifiber Freest PRO G10 PB
  15. 4030990014_1.jpg
    Select FW Fast Wave PB
  16. 4030110006_1.jpg
    Select FW Fast Wave USB
  17. 4030100002_1.jpg
    Select X1.v4 USB
  18. 4031300002_1.jpg
    Select MX evo Freestyle PB
  19. 4031990001_1.jpg
    Unifiber Freest PRO G10 SLB
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