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Are you looking for cool beachgames for a day at the beach? Then you're at the right address at Telstar Surf! There are all kinds of cool games for the beach from volleyballs, frisbees to snorkels. Are you curious what other beach games we offer? Find out everything about beachgames below.

Beach volleyball

Do you want to play volleyball like a professional or just recreationally? It is always possible to find a place on the beach to play volleyball. You can play volleyball on the beach with your family or friends. It is perfect to take your beach volleyball with you and enjoy a day out.


Are you looking for a cool Frisbee? When you go to the beach or to the park, it is always nice to take a Frisbee with you. You have never thrown a Frisbee before? Do not be afraid! Everyone, from children to adults, can easily learn how to throw a Frisbee. The Frisbees from Eurodisc and Aerobie are simple Frisbees that want to fly meters far!

At Telstar Surf we sell different models and colours of Frisbee. The Aerobie Frisbee rings are very popular! The Frisbee rings have a soft edge, which makes them very comfortable to throw and catch. With this beach Frisbee you do not have to take into account the wind. You can make it as fun as you want, because you can stand up to 90 metres apart to make it as difficult as possible. Besides that, the full Aerobie Frisbees are fun for all ages to take along to a day at the beach! The nice thing about the Aerobie Frisbees is that they are easy to use and they feel comfortable because of the soft edge.
Do you regularly take your dog to the beach or forest, but are you still looking for a fun dog toy? Then the Aerobie Dogobie Disc is the perfect choice! The Frisbee is flexible and feels comfortable in your dog's mouth.

Atlantis snorkels

Do you snorkel regularly on holiday? Or are you completely new to snorkelling? At Telstar Surf you can find several snorkelmasks of the brand Atlantis!
The snorkels of Atlantis are 'full face' snorkel masks. This means that your face is completely covered by the snorkel. Then you will probably think: What is the advantage of a snorkel that completely covers the face? Because the snorkel is placed completely over the face, it is possible to breathe through both the mouth and the nose. This makes breathing just as easy above water as it is underwater. Also, the field of vision of the snorkel mask is a lot larger than with a normal snorkel. Furthermore, the Atlantis snorkel masks are equipped with Dry-Top technology. This makes the snorkel masks protected against wave action. If water does enter the snorkel, it drains through the valves at the bottom. A snorkel suitable for adults and children.

Y.Ply Beach Chair

Do you go to the beach regularly? Then you probably take a lot of stuff with you, from parasols to beach chairs. Of course, this can also be done more efficiently. With the beach chair by Y-Ply, you have a multifunctional beach chair. The Y.Ply beach chair provides excellent support for your head, feet, back and underarm area.

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  1. 114356_1.jpg
    Aerobie Sonic Fin
  2. 111310_1.png
    Rucanor Beach Volleybal
  3. 111311_1.png
    Rucanor Beach Volleybal
  4. 111211_1.jpg
    Aerobie Orbiter boomerang
  5. 110324_1.jpg
    Bulli Style Octopus
    Special Price €7.95 Regular Price €10.95
  6. 110325_1.jpg
    Bulli Style People
    Special Price €7.95 Regular Price €10.95
  7. 110326_1.jpg
    Bulli Style Ms Sunshine
    Special Price €7.95 Regular Price €10.95
  8. 110327_1.jpg
    Bulli Style Groen blad
    Special Price €7.95 Regular Price €10.95
  9. 110328_1.jpg
    Bulli Style Bloem Rood
    Special Price €7.95 Regular Price €10.95
  10. 110329_1.jpg
    Bulli Style Stripe multi col
    Special Price €7.95 Regular Price €10.95
  11. 110193_1.jpg
    Atlantis Towable Dry bag
  12. 109941_1.jpg
    Atlantis Andros
  13. 109942_1.jpg
    Atlantis Samana Pro
  14. 109943_1.jpg
    Atlantis Full Face mask 1.0
  15. 109944_1.jpg
    Atlantis Full Face mask 3.0
  16. 109945_1.jpg
    Atlantis Full Face mask JR.
  17. 9006900004_1.jpg
    Y-Ply Beach chair
  18. 9000700002_1.jpg
    Atlantis Snorkelvin
  19. 9003110023_1.jpg
    Aerobie Squidgie disc
  20. 9003110011_1.jpg
    Aerobie Squidgie disc
  21. 9003110014_1.jpg
    Aerobie Pro ring
  22. 9006900009_1.jpg
    Y-Ply Beach chair
  23. 9006900008_1.jpg
    Duotone Beach Chair
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